DannyP. Slim Leather Wallet Review – $109.00

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A few years ago, Danny Piterak, CEO and designer of DannyP, started designing wallets and other leather goods after he faced a problem that many of us had… how can you protect the edges of your iPhone 5 without throwing on a tacky case?!  Instead of buying a solution, he created one. His very first goal was to produce a phone wallet designed to prevent accidental scuffs yet allow easy accessibility and sufficient carrying capacity for his cash and credit cards. Together with a bonafide architect, he created his own iPhone wallet using a simple beautiful design with maximum functionality and used these ideals to expand his designs to include messenger bags and laptop sleeves. Today we are fortunate enough to share in his endeavors and take a look at one of his latest creations – the Slim Leather Wallet.




Although all designs are first created and painstakingly perfected in New York City, the leather and labor are sourced from Europe to provide the highest quality product at affordable prices. Manufacturing is performed by a specialized group in a small town in the Czech Republic where producing high-end leather goods has been a century long tradition.  Although some machines are inevitably involved for pinpoint precision, the Slim Leather Wallet is otherwise 80% handmade using four individual pieces of Italian full grain leather. The outer brown leather is naturally treated cowhide that is manually colored using a special wool to create a final wax finish. Because of this hand-coloring technique, each wallet comes in slightly different hues and no two wallets are the exactly the same. The inside of the Slim Wallet is comprised of a sharp electric blue leather which is chrome-tanned full-grain cowhide with a semi-gloss varnish finish. The contrast blue silk polyester stitching gives this wallet long lasting durability with impeccable spacing and placement along the edges of the wallet. When the wallet is held, it feels like a solid, single piece of construction yet is perfectly weight-balanced and sits completely flat – no amateur build here.


Handmade in the Czech Republic. Each credit card slot is hand placed, meticulously cut, and inspected for accuracy .








This wallet does what it designed to do and does it well. At 0.7cm x 9cm x 11.75cm, It is one of the slimmest wallets I have ever held but with a surprisingly good amount of space. It holds up to eight credit cards in individual slots. Each slot is offset from the next which makes for an attractive and accessible feature. There are two additional compartments behind the cardholders for business cards, photos, or receipts. The ideal wallet for the international jetsetter, the main compartment of the wallet accommodates banknotes from the American Dollar, Euro, and British Pound.



One single sheet of leather with finished edges.


More than enough space for your standard US dollar.


Only 7mm thick empty.


Each slot is offset by 1cm for a stylish look and easy access.


Sleek. Sexy. Sophisticated. From the moment I got the package, I was impressed. The wallet comes in a handsome package complete with a DannyP wax stamp. After gently peeling away the stamp and picking up the wallet inside, you really appreciate just how thin and minimalistic this wallet is. Even so, the Slim Leather Wallet flirts with being flashy but remains classy and understated. On the outside, the edges are all finished with an exact color match of the exterior. There is the subtle debossed logo on the front center and a larger logo on the inside, both of which softly blend into the leather. The beautiful brown cognac color will only look better from use and handling. The inside blue leather and stitching gives the wallet a modern and youthful edge for those looking for something other than their dad’s wallet. With so many separate aesthetic elements, it is all tied sharply together by keeping everything simply down to two contrasting colors – from edging to leather to stitching. For traditionalists, the wallet also comes in full brown and black color options. This is an easy go-to gift for any guy who’s hard to shop for with discerning tastes.






The DannyP Slim Leather Wallet can’t be beat for $109. This level of Italian leather with Euro styling can easily cost several hundred dollars from big name labels. Not only is this affordable, but you’re guaranteed to get a handcrafted unique wallet that none of your friends have but all of them will want.



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