Waxhaws iPhone 6 Wallet “The Classic” w/ Kickstand Review – $84

With the new iPhones’ recent release this year came, a whole new set of iPhone cases charged out from the gates. Many models appeared immediately, made of chemicals and plastics with difficult names such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). There are also many “leather” cases currently being sold for low-low prices. Although they are leather in appearance, many are simply plastic imitations.

The Waxhaws Leather Company once again delivers with a whole new line up of 100% full grain leather iPhone 6 cases using their classic English Bridle leather imported from Italy. Rather than jumping the gun and preemptively mass producing a line of products to be released along the new phone, owner John Fred continues to focus on quality and excellent customer service to provide a product which is both functional, beautiful, and most importantly, all leather. Today we take a look at “The Classic,” an iPhone 6 wallet built (and improved) from the design of Waxhaw’s iPhone 5 wallet.


“The Classic” uses the same Italian full grain vegetable-tanned leather described in our Waxhaws Leather Co. iPhone 5 Signature Design Wallet Review to create a combination iPhone 6 case and wallet. There are the same three card slots and a full-length compartment. Like the other Waxhaws design, the full-grain leather is designed to wrap around the entire wallet including the interior instead of using filler materials or cheap linings. As expected, the rubber casing holds the phone perfectly since time was taken to design this wallet with an actual iPhone 6. 3M adhesive is used to seal the casing to the wallet. On top of all this, John has a satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty for all his products and provides direct personal communication through e-mail.



This case functions as both a wallet and a phone case. The phone is clearly protected on all sides by its rubber casing as well as the leather. The pockets are useful but it might not be a great idea to cram them full of cards – this will keep the cover from sitting flush with your phone and really, who wants to make phone calls while holding a stack of cards next to their ear? The rubber casing feels firm but with enough give for shock absorption. It fits perfectly with the phone and has cutouts for all the speakers, microphone, headphone jack, and camera. The side buttons are guarded nicely but still easily pressed. There is also enough cut away at the back so that the case does not interfere with photography.


The newest part of this case is the “kickstand” feature. This allows users to have their phone propped up in landscape mode for movies or video chats. This is definitely a great addition to the design. The phone sits up on its first try and does not slip or fall away.



Like the other Waxhaws product, this iPhone 6 wallet came in a nice gift box which really doesn’t need any additional giftwrap. The wallet is called “The Classic” for a reason – it is simplistic and compact. The leather comes with all the fine wrinkles and texture expected of true full-grain leather and the whiskey color will patina well with the oil from your hands. The stitching is whiskey color as well and is perfectly lined around the exterior. Like a fine luxury car, the inside is equally beautiful with a full display of Italian leather, even under the case. The leather is also available in black.




Waxhaws Leather Co. iPhone 6 Wallet w/ Kickstand is sold on the Waxhaws, Amazon, and Etsy websites. Offered at a reasonable (and sometimes special sale) price with free two-day Amazon Prime shipping available, it has earned a 5/5 Amazon rating. The same design is also made for the iPhone 6 Plus.


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