Rawlings American Handcrafted Passport Wallet Review – $200

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I’ve had the privilege of traveling internationally on several different occasions. With each trip under my belt, I’ve gotten a little more organized with how I travel. Even with the advent of electronic tickets, it’s still essential to have a centralized place to manage all of the important papers necessary for traveling abroad. While we’re all accustomed to carrying a wallet of some type, having a travel wallet, or passport wallet while taking off on an international adventure is a must have piece of equipment. The Rawlings American Handcrafted Passport Wallet is an ideal example of what to look for in a travel wallet.


About American Handcrafted

“It’s all in the details – and the artisanal approach to creating exceptional leather goods that pay homage to the manufacturing techniques of yesteryear, when products were created by the hands of our ancestry and made to last.” American Handcrafted is a limited collection of fine leather goods that showcases the fine attention to detail found in quality American hand craftsmanship. American Handcrafted is a brand backed by Rawlings. With 125+ years in the leather industry Rawlings knows a thing or two about producing leather that wears hard and lasts a long time. I’ve only owned two baseball gloves my entire life – both Rawlings gloves. And my Dale Murphy Rawlings glove just keeps getting better and better each year.

American Handcrafted is based out of St. Louis, Missouri and is producing a full line of bags, portfolios, and wallets.



If you take some time to peruse the American Handcrafted website (and you should), you’ll notice that they refer to the color of this leather as bourbon. And they also describe it as “double tanned”. All of their leather is sourced from Tennessee Tanning, a tannery that’s been owned by Rawlings since 1946.


True to the name, this aniline leather is tanned twice resulting in a very deep, fully saturated color that yields a luxurious look and soft, supple feel. The hardware (zipper and snap closure) has a nice, deep antique brass finish that complement the leather nicely. And the heavy gauge stitching is extremely even. The edges are burnished and smooth.


At 4.50”L x .5”W x 9.50”H, it is a large wallet. It’s definitely not a rear pocket carry wallet. But, when traveling, it’s best not to carry a wallet in your rear pocket anyhow. It will slip into an interior jacket pocket or comfortably carry within a backpack or messenger bag. The flap/snap combination works well to keep the wallet securely closed and adds to the stylish look. On the back of the wallet is a well placed slip in pocket that will securely store your boarding pass or other small paperwork for quick access.


The Passport Wallet contains nine individual card slots on the right inner panel. On this site too, you’ll find a full length zippered pocket that will store paper currency of any size along with coins or other small items. The interior of the wallet is lined with American Handcrafted’s signature crimson/onyx striped lining – the same lining used in their amazing business and travel bags. In the center of the wallet you’ll also find a well placed leather loop for holding your favorite writing utensil.

On the left inner panel, you are treated to a mesh id holder and several slots that are capable of holding a couple of passports or a small Field Notes notebook. And, along the back you’ll find a full length slide pocket that’s ideal for storing tickets, boarding passes, or currency.



In addition to the tremendous functionality the American Handcrafted Passport Wallet offers, it’s also an incredibly beautiful piece. Functional art is an apt way to describe it. The bourbon hue of this limited edition leather will continue to gain a richer color and patina with use over the years. The exterior is tastefully enhanced with the classic Rawlings logo debossed in the front bottom right corner. When you turn it over, you’ll again notice a great looking debossed version of the Rawlings logo along with the American Handcrafted logo. Up top, you’re treated to a debossed limited edition, serialized stamp.


It’s when you open up the Passport Wallet that you’re really treated to a visually appealing smorgasbord. The card slots, embroidered Rawlings patch, colorful lining, zipper, and pockets all work together to form an impressive visual.

Simply put, it looks fantastic.


If you’re a frequent traveler, or you just like to have a place for everything and desire to have it contained in an incredibly stylish wallet, then the Rawlings American Handcrafted Passport Wallet is an excellent choice. Given the fact that this wallet is made with superior components and created by expert craftsmen here in the USA, this definitely qualifies as a Buy It for Life item. It’s well worth the $200 price tag and will provide you with an heirloom piece to enjoy and then pass down to the next adventure seeker in your family.


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Lance Reidl

Since the mid 60’s I have been a huge fan of the Rawlings brand. My first big purchase as an 11 year old was a Rawlings leather glove which I still have to this day. Until this article I had no idea that Rawlings existed outside of baseball and upon further research, I see they sell higher end stores too. Excellent review and I am going to put one of these on my wish list for the new year. Really great mind set when I think about my first Rawlings Glove and the smell of the leather. Good info.


Thanks for the comment Lance. I’ve been a Rawlings fan for decades too. As I mentioned in the review, I’ve only had two baseball gloves my entire life – both Rawlings. I was thrilled when I found they were making leather bags, briefcases, wallets, and travel accessories. We’re going to be reviewing one of their bags here soon…so please be sure to check that one out when it gets published.