Larsen & Ross Three Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet Review – $55

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The wallet may have more design variations than almost any other product in the world. They come in virtually every shape and size. And, they are made from every conceivable material. Of course our favorite material is leather. Multi-use wallets score big with me. I like options. Fortunately, the Larsen & Ross Three Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet (phew, that’s a mouthful) is one of those wallets that qualifies as multi-use: it’s a perfect standard wallet, an ideal front pocket wallet, and can easily be used as a great, non-conventionally styled business card holder.


About Larsen & Ross

Jaren Larsen, founder of Larsen & Ross, has been involved in creating leather products for over twenty years. Larsen & Ross is based out of a Salt Lake City, Utah suburb and is dedicated to creating products that will last for decades. Jaren is deeply committed to using quality materials and creating a durable product that bucks the current trends of our throwaway, disposable society.




The Three Pocket Minimalist Wallet I received is a matching companion to the Minimalist iPhone 6 Sleeve reviewed here on BestLeather in December. The wallet features the same great feeling and attractive US-sourced 4/5 oz. full grain leather. It too has the same great pull up quality to it too. The seams are symmetrical and edges are beveled and nicely burnished with beeswax. The wallet comprises two pieces of leather wrapped one inside of the other to create 3 pockets with the middle pocket being the largest.



This wallet has a small footprint (hence the minimalist name). Its overall dimensions are 4” x 2.75”. In spite of its minimalist appearance, it still holds quite a few items due to its clever design. I just pulled it out of my back pocket and here’s what I currently have in it:

  • Main pocket: 5 credit cards and a Costco receipt
  • Outside pocket #1: Driver’s license and insurance card
  • Outside pocket #2: Debit card, gas card, another receipt, and $26 cash

While out shopping earlier today, I carried the wallet in my front pocket with ease. It serves its purpose perfectly, holding a reasonable amount of items with a design that allows you to easily retrieve whatever is needed from any pocket.



It’s a simple little thing, but it looks really sharp. I find myself taking it out of my pocket and placing it on the table with my iPhone 6 case simply because I like looking at them together. The leather’s color and thread are attractive and will age well. If it’s of interest to you, Larsen & Ross does offer two other thread colors: red and blue which allow you to customize your wallet a little bit more and create even more contrast.



I’ve been using Larsen & Ross Three Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet for about six weeks now and to date, I can’t think of anything about it that bugs me. It’s just one of those little utilitarian pieces that serves its purpose ideally. The fact that all of the components are made in the USA and the wallet itself is created with pride here in the USA makes it just that much better. At $55 it’s a solid choice for a wallet that gives you several carry options. It’s going to age well and outlast any wallet found in a department store.


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Trevor Imani

I may be off topic (wallets that is) but as a proud owner of the Larsen and Ross Macbook Pro 15″ sleeve with custom iPhone 6 pocket, I’ll be the first to re-confirm its amazing handmade quality. I have received more compliments on this sleeve at business meetings than any of my other fine leather accessories. I can only imagine the wallet is made with the same attention to detail as my sleeve was. Great product made here in the USA! Love it!


Not off topic at all! Thanks for the comment Trevor. We’re very pleased with the quality of workmanship from Larsen & Ross too. It’s great to hear of your experience with their products too. Keep purchasing great leather products, keep enjoying them, and we hope you will keep visiting our website too. Thanks.