W.H. Earl Westport Four Pocket Billfold Review- $115

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Take out your wallet. Notice any cracked plastic on the ID window, tears in the nylon lining or maybe a tag indicating it was made in a country you never heard of until now? Of all man’s personal possessions, his wallet likely sees the most action. When you want something that will hold up to the daily grind year after year, the W.H. Earl Westport Four Pocket Billfold is a good option.


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The Westport Billfold is available in a multitude of leathers and thread colors. The wallet reviewed consisted of a Chromexcel horse strip exterior and a Wickett & Craig show harness interior. The exterior Chromexcel provides a great looking shell while the W&C show harness leather is thinner making the wallet easier to handle. Ritza thread is used to keep it all together. The W.H. Earl insignia adorns the inner right pocket. The wallet measures in at 3.25” tall and 4.25” long when closed.


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The Westport is pretty stiff initially. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as almost all quality leather requires break in. To speed things up, I just put a few heavy books on top of it before bed every night. The Chromexcel becomes pliable pretty quickly though. This is a hefty wallet and has no problem carrying a full loadout of cards and cash. There are 4 pockets and each can carry 2 cards without issue and you could probably get a few more in if you like to live dangerously. The Westport sits snugly in my back pocket and is surprisingly discreet. And it is a billfold so getting cash in and out is a dream.


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The Westport is a masculine wallet that still remains classy. The L pattern of stitching that runs along the exterior looks sharp and gives the wallet dimension. The W.H. Earl branding on the interior provides some intrigue and the wave like cut on the pockets give the wallet a distinct touch that separates it from its mass produced cousins. The rich leather smell is delicious and that Chromexcel exterior is smooth. I highly anticipate the look of this wallet in a year from now as I’m sure it will look better with age.


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While most department store wallets run somewhere in the $35-50 dollar price range, the $115 cost might seem high. But given those cheaper wallets usually only last a few years, you’ll most likely spend less in the long run. The W.H. Earl Four Pocket Billfold is a quality piece that really epitomizes the, “Buy the best and only cry once” maxim.


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