Avund Goods iPhone 6 Sleeve + Wristlet Review – $99

There’s a plethora of iPhone carry options on the market. Even with all the varieties it’s still hard to stand out since everything available basically amounts to disposable plastic. Avund Goods iPhone 6 Sleeve + Wristlet presents itself as a quality alternative multi function accessory that you won’t want to toss after a week.

Avund iPhone 6 Case (2)


As with most of Avund Good’s products, the iPhone Sleeve is made from aniline finished vegetable tanned leather that has been dyed through and colored on both sides. This is the whiskey colored model that will develop a naturally darker patina with use. Avund also offers this sleeve in black. Edges are beveled and burnished with beeswax. The main body is one piece of leather stitched together (Using waxed polyester thread) and one smaller piece stitched around that to form the pockets. The wrist strap is riveted around the metal keyring. The keyring itself is secured to the main body by a strip of leather that is double stitched. I really don’t see this ever coming apart.


Avund iPhone 6 Case (7)


The iPhone 6 Sleeve + Wristlet is great for those who like to travel light. My iPhone 6 fit in nice and snug, so there was no worries about it slipping out. A little caveat for people who use cases, unless the case is very slim fitting, your phone won’t fit in the sleeve. The pockets on the front and back of the sleeve are incredibly useful. They are perfect for stashing cash and cards. I like to fold my money around my cards and insert that in the front and I store a small wet-nap in the back just in case. Once on my wrist the sleeve is hardly noticeable. With smartphones getting bigger and bigger and women’s pockets getting smaller and smaller, this case is almost a necessity.  The open bottom allows port access so you can charge your phone or listen to music with your earbuds unimpeded.


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Avund has mastered stylistic simplicity. The sleeve’s whiskey coloring blends well in all environments and will weather all fashion trends. The iPhone itself is such a sleek and elegant piece of technology and it’s great to finally have a carry option that looks just as good. If you like the look of the sleeve minus the wristlet, Avund also offers a sleeve only version priced at $79.


Avund iPhone 6 Case (3)

Avund iPhone 6 Case (5)


If you don’t like being bogged down, yet still need a viable carry option for your cash and phone, Avund Goods iPhone 6 Sleeve + Wristlet is a perfect solution. Given the likelihood Apple will release a iPhone 6S at the same dimensions, this sleeve will serve you for repeated uses.


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Looks a lot like this one https://www.pinterest.com/pin/267401296598972978/ from AtelierPall launched 2 years ago…