Blackthorn Leather Rover II Money Clip Wallet Review – $65

Cash is king. It’s a saying heard ‘round the world, all of the time. With that being said, it’s not surprising that there has recently been a rise in the popularity of money clips. With so many new styles out there, what’s the best choice for transporting your greenbacks? Andy Mock, of Blackthorn Leather has come up with a fabulous design called the Rover II Money Clip Wallet.



About Blackthorn Leather

This is the second piece from Blackthorn Leather we’ve had the privilege to review. The first, Blackthorn Leather’s Classic Bifold Wallet, was published back in 2013. Staying true to form, Andy continues to produce high quality pieces made solely in the USA. Read more of how Andy started his business here.



The leather on the Blackthorn Leather Rover II Money Clip Wallet is thick, stiff, full grain, 4-5 ounce vegetable tanned cowhide. It is dyed and antiqued beautifully and finished off with a light coat of neatsfoot oil and topped off with diluted Resolene. Stitching is symmetrical and done with Osborne waxed thread. The money clip is fashioned from stainless steel and holds a healthy stack of dead presidents.




Out of the box, the Rover II Money Clip Wallet is stiff. This is not a bad thing at all…in fact it bodes well for the longevity of this wallet. This is durable leather that will break in beautifully and age well. Initially, it will take some time to break it in and over time you’ll be able to fit more cards into the two slots provided. The size of this wallet allows you to choose where you want to carry. You like a front pocket wallet? The Rover II is a great choice for you. Oh…you prefer to carry in the back pocket? Again, the Rover II will serve you well. Either way, you’re in good shape.


Initially I found that two cards per slot was ideal. It was tight, but workable. Again, with time and use you’ll be able to get a few more in each slot. But, if you’re a minimalist having the ability to carry four cards plus cash will be more than sufficient for you.


The fit and finish of the Blackthorn Leather Rover II Money Clip Wallet is fantastic. My version came with white thread, which I think provides a nice contrast to the beautiful antique brown leather.

Andy’s dedication to quality leather crafting can be seen in the expert stitching and the polished, nicely skived edges. The Blackthorn Leather logo is tastefully placed and not overpowering. In fact, I think it’s a great looking logo and very apropos for leather goods of this quality. The Rover II Money Clip Wallet is also available in antique mahogany and black.




At $65, the Blackthorn Leather Rover II Money Clip Wallet is an excellent buy (the original Rover can be had at $55 if you prefer a single pocket version). Given the high quality materials, the dedication to precision construction, the functionality, and the long wear-ability of the wallet, it’s really a bargain. Add to that free personalization (Andy will stamp three initials on the wallet for you) and free shipping. Be sure to visit Blackthorn Leather’s Etsy Shop and check out all of their other great items too.


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