Trayvax Ascent Wallet Review – $54.99

I’ve been lucky to review a few of the innovative wallet designs from Trayvax. In a world of bifolds, these metal and leather hybrids are an exciting entry into a rather stagnant market. Trayvax has recently debuted the Ascent Wallet, and I’m excited to put it through its paces.


In true Trayvax fashion, the Ascent is a fusion of metal and leather. The wallet features a solid stainless steel frame, wrapped in hand stitched, top grain leather. The color I reviewed was Canyon Red, although several color variations are available. Brass rivets attach the leather to steel at the bottom end of the Ascent. The Ascent weighs in at 3 oz and is 3.8” Long and 2.75” wide.

This wallet looks good from all angles


My main worry with rigid wallets is comfort. I definitely felt the Ascent when sitting. I’m a back pocket guy by nature. Trayvax does recommend front pocket carry, and some of the reasons are more than convincing; it protects your back from misalignment, reduces chances of RFID hacking and pickpockets.

The Ascent features a nylon tab that when pulled, bring your wallets quickly out for easy selection. I really dig this feature, as similar wallets have a Chinese finger trap like grip on your goods. The backside has a slot where you can fold your cash and keep it secure. Minimalist wallets always struggle in my opinion with cash retrieval. Things are no different here, but I use my phone now to pay for most things, so its a moot point. I really dig the attachment bar at the bottom, you could attach a keyring around this and hook up to a lanyard if so desired.


The Ascent exists in a universe apart from boring bifolds. The look is striking and intriguing. The overbuilt design and substantial feel make it a joy to handle and use. Get used to answering questions when you pull it out.


At a $55 price point, the Trayvax Ascent is a bargain buy for a wallet that will last years, its even backed by a lifetime warranty. The design may not work for some, but for those who are hard on their gear, this wallet will endure the abuse superbly.

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