Cecilia Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap Review – $72

While I’m by no means a professional photographer, I sure do enjoy taking pictures. Like many of us out there, my camera is full of random images –family, friends, my horse, pretty scenery, and the occasional leather item for a review of course. I’ve carted that thing a lot of places and but never had anything to carry it with except the generic strap it came with (and let me tell you, that thing really chafes.) So when I received this beautiful Cecilia Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap, I was over the moon. And after using it for a couple weeks, my initial reaction has stood the test of time. Cecilia has literally saved my neck!

About Cecilia

In name, Cecilia is a relatively new company, having officially started in 2013. But the family who owns it has been in the leather business since 1898. With five generations of experience under their (presumably leather) belts, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing! They’ve combined their knowledge of leather with their passion for photography to bring photographers the highest quality goods out there. Plus, their website is dang cool. They’ve worked with photographers, both pros and hobbyists, to make sure their products meet real-world standards. And they’ve created a beautiful online gallery of pictures taken by these amazing artists, so if you’re looking for some inspiration be sure to check it out.

My Experience

My first impression was one of stylish and functional simplicity. The box the Mirrorless came in was not fancy. But I liked that because it really let the beautiful, full-grain Argentinian leather speak for itself. Once out of the box, I could immediately feel how soft and supple the full-grain Argentinian cowhide leather was. I couldn’t find a flaw in it! Everything from the stainless steel key rings to the sliders and keepers positively screamed ‘quality.’ I was impressed.

The New-In-Box Mirrorless Camera Strap

Simple, yet appealing!

I’ll admit that after my initial excitement wore off, I started to get a little worried about how thin the straps were. My camera isn’t the lightest model out there and I tend to take it places that can be hard on equipment (like on a 7-mile hike/boulder field scramble to the top of our local 12,000-foot peak). I was concerned that it wouldn’t be able to take the strain. But then I wore it around for a couple weeks and I have to say it’s stood up very well. In fact, it still looks like it did when I opened the box the day it came in the mail! While aesthetics aren’t the first thing I think about when picking out camera equipment, I do appreciate the fact that this camera strap still looks good after some use. As far as durability goes, I’d definitely give this strap an A+.

Speaking of aesthetics, I really like the Mirrorless’s quiet elegance. I think this strap looks incredibly classy and professional, and would look at home at anywhere from a Congressional press conference to a friend’s backyard wedding. It’s designed to be discreet. However, if you’re the type that likes a little color and pop in your accessories, this probably isn’t the strap for you.

Cecilia Black Argentinian Leather

The black Argentinian Leather is an elegant but low-key choice.

But, if you’re looking for comfort this strap is a great option. Like I said earlier, it literally saved my neck – from a lot of discomfort and chafing, that is! The inside padding is Neoprene and man, is it comfy. I mostly wore it cross-body, tightening the straps so my camera wouldn’t bounce around as I was clambering across boulders, and I appreciated how easy to adjust it was. It also sat very nicely when I just hung it around my neck. Normally I hesitate to carry my camera off the shoulder because I’m afraid of it sliding off and crashing to the ground. But this Cecilia strap provided a solid enough grip that I wasn’t afraid to carry it that way for short periods of time. All things considered, this strap is very comfortable and I would recommend it to anyone who has that characteristic as their first priority.

Though this Mirrorless strap has many great features, I do have one complaint. Cecilia used stainless steel keyrings as the mechanisms that attach the strap to the camera, and I found connecting them to be very difficult. They’re stiff and hard to pry apart. After about 15 minutes of trying, I did finally succeed in getting an opening large enough to push through my camera’s eyelets. But the steel was still so tight that it actually left a groove in the edges of the eyelets as I twisted it on. On the flip side, once the strap was attached, I wasn’t at all concerned about it coming off my camera. But attaching it was tough, and I didn’t like how it left marks on my camera in the process.

Stainless Steel Key Rings

These stainless steel key rings are tougher than nails – and tough on the fingernails.


Though I really struggled with the steel rings that attach the strap to the camera, the rest of its construction is great. It’s comfortable, it’s classy, it’s incredibly well made, and it’s able to take a beating. Personally, I think that the Cecilia Black Leather Mirrorless Camera Strap is a great combination of style and function. Its versatility makes it easy to take anywhere, from vacation to a paid photo shoot. In addition, its durability makes it a great value for the price. If you’re looking for a comfortable, sturdy, and discreet camera strap, this is a great one to consider. 

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I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!