CountyComm Brass Embassy Pen Review – $98

I’ve been into the EDC (Everyday Carry) scene for quite some time. Essentially, EDC comprises of the items you have on your person at all times. Be it your keys, wallet or even a pocket knife. It has become somewhat of a practiced discipline in terms of preparedness on a practical, daily level. One of the widely recognized foundation pieces of a proper EDC kit is a pen. Do a quick search and you’ll likely find the CountyComm Brass Embassy Pen mentioned more than once. I’m here today with one and eagerly look forward to sharing my findings.


CountyComm is a California based supplier to federal, state and local government agencies. They are responsible for the design, manufacture and sales of these products. The surplus products from these transactions are only available through their site in limited quantities. Their specialty lies in high quality quartz and automatic watches, but they offer an array of EDC related items and other tools.


The construction on the Embassy is pretty clear cut, it’s machined from a solid round of brass. C360 Free Pass to be exact. Brass is kind of like the Maple of woodworking in terms of crafting. It’s malleable yet maintains structural strength and integrity during the machining process (Which is done in CountyComms own private machine lab) and the use of brass also presents a few more benefits worthy to note; The bacteriostatic properties of the brass inhibit germs growing on your pen, especially relevant with an object used exclusively by hand. It’s also very long wearing, corrosive resistant and can handle high heat which is great for writing an apology note to your wife for forgetting your anniversary.

The letters U,S and A look good on just about everything

The Embassy body comprises of the barrel, pen shaft and the cap. A stonewashed stainless steel clip is attached to the lid. Aggressive diamond pattern knurling is featured on the barrel and shaft. Measurements are 5.25″ inches by .50″ diameter and the weight is 4 oz.


The Embassy uses a black ink pressurized Fisher Space Refill, so it can write in extreme heats as well as upside down. Ink flow is smooth as long as even, consistent pressure is applied when writing. Speaking of writing, this pen is heavy. Clocking in at  4oz it weighs almost as much a  modern smartphone, so keep that in mind. While I wouldn’t want to write an essay on the socioemotional differences between Nick’s Dough and Disney’s, filling out brief forms or jotting notes is a pleasure.

This pen has a commanding presence, no doubt. The substantial feel of it gives off an almost detectable aura of significance when in use. Writing down my grocery lists seems to take on a very serious tone when I write with the Embassy, contracts signed with the Embassy are never broken and sweepstakes filled out with the Embassy always win.  

The textured knurling provides a secure, somewhat uncomfortable grip. It’s not overly aggressive, but some may find it a little abrasive. I also notice my hand has a faint brass odor when I’ve been using the pen for an extended time, this may fade with use but I still notice it. The stainless steel clip has excellent tension and will keep the pen secure in a pants pocket no problem. Given the weight and size of the pen it could come in handy in self defense situations if need be and you could probably bust a window open if you had to.


The Embassy is a handsome tool. Definitely the type of pen Arnold Schwarzenegger probably keeps in his pocket when signing autographs. It adds great character to my somewhat tame EDC, and never fails to provoke a “Wow, nice pen!” when used by someone. The clean, masculine lines and expert machining really make for a flawless aesthetic on this piece. I would love to have more options on colors and metals, but the Brass does look oh so good.


At just under a hundred dollars, the Embassy actually finds it’s pricing at the lower end of the spectrum for high quality writing instruments. The weight of this pen may be a put off for some, but if you want a heavy, solid pen that will last forever, the CountyComm Brass Embassy is a solid choice.

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