Kodiak Leather Buffalo Leather Pilots Bag- $249

A quality and stylish briefcase is a real attention grabber and is a key element to a fashionable men’s and women’s wardrobe. Briefcases can hold the minimal – laptop and a few folders or the carry all – books, tech, folders and even cloths as an indispensable travel companion. 

Kodiak Leather’s Pilot Bag seems to fit the bill for both office and travel in its style, function and durability. 

About Kodiak Leather Co.

Kodiak Leather Co. of Utah is a startup in Lehi, Utah founded by Jared Morse, an outdoorsman who was frustrated by the lack of reasonably priced leather bags that would hold up through all the wear and tear of daily use. This inspired Jared to create Kodiak Leather Co. and our custom leather bags. After finding only the highest quality leather and hardware, he set out to build a bag that would last a lifetime.

Fast Forward 4 Years…
After having 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns, the Buffalo Leather Satchel, The Classic Weekender Duffel, the Sitka Leather Messenger, and the most recent Yukon Garment Bag,  they have come full circle on offering a wide variety of travel bags , briefcases (similar to the satchel and the messenger), as well as some smaller, everyday carry items like journals and wallets.


The Pilot Bag is made from a thick top grain buffalo leather and a high grade thread. Premium brass hardware and YKK zippers are used in the bag.

The bag is available in 2 leather finishes: antique brown and dark walnut (pictured). The dimensions of the bag are 5 “deep x 18″ length x 14″ height. The bag has 2 zippered exterior pockets and 2 pouch pockets with a magnetic snap closure. Behind the flap that covers the pouch pockets there is a pocket that has a velcro tab to keep it closed.

There are 2 zippered main compartments with a laptop pocket and dividers. There are also interior side slots for cards, a device pocket and 2 pen holders.

The interior of the bag is lined with a dark brown fabric liner. On the sides of the bag is a strap and buckle system to cinch in the bag.

The removable strap is a combined use of quality nylon and leather. In addition to the removable strap there are two regular top handles with a 2 snap closure.


This bag can easily serve as your carry all office and travel companion to hold a laptop, cords, accessories, books, folders, clothes, and even camera gear. The outside pockets and flaps make ideal spots for wallets, passports, keys, passes, newspapers and other small gear to place in while traveling. Heck, having a newborn son, I would even consider it as a very convenient and classy baby bag that could make many other dads envious.  


The buffalo leather used for this bag is soft and lightweight and has a very stunning antique distressed finish. The zippers, as stated above, are of high quality making it easy to zip and open when full. Although some many prefer more buckled hardware as opposed to the magnetic snap closures on the front pocket, I appreciate the convenience of getting in and out of the pockets quickly. I’m not a huge fan of the velcro tab in the front pocket but understand why it was put there. I see the velcro wearing out in time but it is a very small detail that does not bother me in the grand beauty and construction of the bag. 

The bag overall has a great feel to it when carried with the snapped handle or the shoulder strap. The weight is evenly distributed and as mentioned before, is not super heavy like a lot of leather bags on the market. I feel confident in saying that my shoulder and back will not suffer if carrying this bag for a longer period of time (unless of course you have very heavy cargo).


Let’s be real- most leather briefcases come with a hefty price tag. Understandably so given the materials and labor that goes into making them. What I am very impressed with about this pilots bag and all of Kodiak Leather Co. products is a very fair price that does not, in my opinion, sacrifice the quality or integrity of the product. The Pilot Bag is a welcome addition to my leather bag collection and one that I look forward to using for many years and handing down to my son. Check it out this bag -here- as use code: ‘ABANACH20’ to receive a generous discount for taking the time to read this review!

Waterfield ZIP Laptop Briefcase Review — $219

UX (user experience) is a big topic in the Bay Area. And it’s not only important with software, but also with the briefcase that carries your hardware. It’s real meta. I like that.

This briefcase I’m about to tell you about has the perfect UX.

It’s the second iteration of Waterfield’s ZIP Laptop Brief, and it’s clear they paid close attention to the smallest details. In fact, my first draft of this review began with, “Wow, wow, wow. This bag is amazing!”

I still feel that way.


Deciding to Buy

The positive user experience started even before I made the purchase. When you’re buying online, it’s often hard to get a sense of the spatial aspect of products, but Gary, the founder of Waterfield, makes hands-on videos of everything they sell. His video overview gave me the sense of the size and dimensions, and I felt like this was the right product before I’d ever handled it myself.

I wanted a briefcase for my laptop and tablet and a few extras, but I didn’t want a bunch of unnecessary pockets that would complicate storing and finding things. The ZIP matches those criteria perfectly. It’s super sleek, just the right amount of bag and nothing extra.

Now I carry it when I travel, and I put my most valuable things inside. There’s not a bit of waste in the design, which might be a problem if you’re hoping to carry a lot, but it works great for my style.



I’ve ordered and used a lot of Waterfield bags, and this is the first time I’ve strayed from the waxed canvas with grizzly leather (which I’ve loved, and which is still an option for you, but this time I wanted a change).

The ballistic black is a cool synthetic textile. It’s clean but also sturdy and feels like it could take a lot of wear (though admittedly I haven’t had it long enough to verify that). It’s also incredibly water resistant. The leather accents look great with the black, giving it a bit more class. Personally, I like the look, but you can make that call yourself from the pictures.

The front pocket is hidden. The back looks super sleek–all black without significant seams. I just like the visual appeal overall.


Traveling with It

The grip on the inside of the shoulder pad clings, so it stays on well. If you want extra security, it’s comfortable wearing across your chest with the brief at your back. And the whole strap is removable, for when you want to be more streamlined. Oh, and it has a strap designed to slide over your luggage handle, making it an easy extra.

The zipper has a watershed design so you can carry your electronics in the rain without worry. I even tested this out: I put a tissue on the inside and then drenched the zipper with my water bottle, but nothing got through. I was surprised and impressed.

When the briefcase is zipped up, it’s thin and doesn’t take up much space. And it’ll even stand up on its own, though not too stably (depending on the weight and position of what’s inside).

The zipper also lets you open the briefcase 180 degrees, so it’ll lie flat on a table. This makes it TSA friendly, ideal for getting quickly through airport security. I’ve found this to be helpful when using the bag as a workstation too. It makes it easier to access things when you can lay it all the way open like that. And when you’re ready to go, you just grab the handles and everything folds to the inside. I love how simple and functional it is.


Delightful Details

This second iteration of Waterfield’s ZIP has only gotten more refined. For example, the zipper is positioned to one side, directly above the laptop slot, making it easier to access your primary item.

Another of my favorite UX design features is that you can charge your laptop while it’s still in the bag! They cut out a little notch to accommodate the power cord even while the bag is zipped up. What a clever thing to think of!

Oh, and as usual, Waterfield uses a gold inner liner, which not only looks good but also reflects light really well, making it easier to see your things (unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to the padded parts, which are the hardest places to see things).


Where to Put Stuff

On the inside, it has a couple padded pockets for power cords or a mouse. Next to these is another of my favorite features–a dedicated spot for your digital pen, where it won’t get lost.

On the opposite side are two additional padded slots, a larger one for a laptop, and a smaller one for a tablet. There’s also a velcro strap to keep them in place, but that’s a feature I generally don’t bother to use.

Between these two halves, there’s enough room to squeeze an extra shirt or other odds and ends.

The outside has a zipper guarding a pocket that rests flush with the side, but it’s designed to expand to accommodate more stuff if need be. It’s a good spot for your keys, wallet, or emergency floss.

The zippers on both this compartment and the larger one give me confidence that my stuff will never fall out, no matter what kind of turbulence we go through.



I’ve gone through several laptop bags, always looking for the optimal solution. The Waterfield ZIP Laptop Brief has been my favorite of the lot, and I’m grateful to have found it.

It’s thin and sleek, has sufficient pockets for what I need, but doesn’t go overboard like a lot of its competitors. It’s simple, functional, and looks great.

Most of all, it’s a bag I love using.




Loucks Leatherworks Personalized Cigar Case Review – $45

What could be finer than the rich smell of leather and cigars? I had the upmost pleasure of reviewing and gifting these custom handmade leather cigar cases for my groomsmen and I can say without a doubt that every one of my brothers loved them like I couldn’t have even imagined.

About Loucks Leatherworks

in 2016, David Loucks  set out to buy a new wallet and found himself unhappy with the typical department store offerings. After researching higher quality wallets, David decided to take on the challenge of making his own. Of course, at first attempt, it turned out hideous. He then became obsessed with all things leather. David spent the next two years absorbing everything he could about different types of leather, tanning processes and crafting techniques.

In 2018 David combined his passion for cigars and pipes with his newfound love of leather and created his first cigar case. At the urging of friends and family he created Loucks Leatherworks and began selling the cases online.
It starts with the materials. The highest quality, oil-tanned leather and the strongest thread on the market. Every piece is cut, assembled and stitched by hand. The result is an attractive case that will last . Also what sets Loucks Leatherworks apart is customer service. They personally work with each customer, customizing and personalizing each item to their specifications. They then provide updates and photos throughout the process. Loucks Leatherworks believes to do all this while maintaining a price point that is competitive with mass produced items.


All cases are made with full-grain, oil-tanned cow leather. All stitching is done with braided polyester waxed thread. Specifically the tiger thread by Ritza. Monogramming is done by laser. In addition to monogramming there is an option for personalized notes on the interior of the product, which is great when the item is intended as a gift. The case’s dimensions are 9” X 3.2”.


This case was designed to perfectly hold two, fifty gauge Churchill size cigars or shorter. The flap is held in place by a stitched holding band.


This is a very stylish and compact cigar case perfect to throw in your briefcase, overnight bag, glovebox, or even golf bag for that weekend away. The leather is stunning with the pull-up, the smell, and the feel of oil tanned leather.  It is naturally moisture resistant, and extremely durable making it the perfect material to protect expensive hand rolled cigars.

The personalization touches on both the exterior and interior are unique as they add so much character to the piece. I chose a specific cigar inspired quote that reminded me of each gentleman who it was intended for.


Whether  a groomsmen gift or just a special personalized gift to give to someone (or yourself), these leather cigar cases will surely impress. And just like a great friendship, they will get better and ‘uglier’ with age but only in the way leather enthusiasts and close friends will know about..Check them out -here-.

Olpr. Leather Goods Co. Pocket Moleskine Journal Cover- $29

In studying the lives of great men, I’ve noticed a common trait: they were all consistent journal writers. I, myself, consider myself an avid and consistent journal writer.

My grandpa kept a journal his entire life. His journal was quite simple. He just kept a small notebook in his pocket of his shirt and jotted down a short description of the things he did and the people he did it with. This is something he did pretty much every day for his entire life.

Whether or not you want your future grandkids to read it or you just want an attractive piece to store some notes or important information, I loved giving these leather journal covers as groomsmen gifts to my brothers. I do believe that our grandkids will get a kick out of the fact that we once had to go into a shop to rent movies or that phones used to have cords attached to them.

About Olpr. Leather Goods Co.

Olpr. Leather Goods Co. is a small family business, started in Ukraine. All of the items are made to order, but they also have a showroom in the workshop where the customers can come and choose something from stock.
One day, Viktor, the company’s tailor, decided to sew the kind of wallet he had always wanted—a simple pocket wallet with a straight seam. It was so well made that he sold it the next day. He made another; he sold another. Soon, we were making leather goods for all of their friends. Their goods became so popular that they were invited to the arts markets. They sold everything they made. They had found their calling—creating leather goods.
The Internet gave Olpr. the exciting opportunity to sell their goods outside Ukraine. They could share their passion all over the world. But the distance caused a problem-shipping to the U. S. could take up to a month. That was not the type of service they wanted to provide, so they moved to North Carolina to be closer to their many American friends who value the handmade leather products.


All of the leathers used are the full-grain cowhides sourced from Horween tannery. High grade thread comes in several different colors.

The pocket sized cover measures 3.5″ x 5.5″ and fits the small Moleskine hardcover journal.

Products can be customized with the colorful stitching and personalization. Olpr. Leather Goods Co. offers two types of personalization – the embossing and laser engraving.


This leather journal is perfect for that everyday carry item for your briefcase, car or just to carry around with you without having a larger sized journal. The back flap has a perfect cut seam to fit the elastic holder in place. The front and back inside flaps can also serve as perfect places for loose papers, receipts or cards.


Each leather offered for this journal cover is as rich and beautiful as they come. They smell great too! Although only a month old, My journal is getting some nice wear, ‘beauty marks’ and patina. I suspect it will look really stunning and weathered in the years to come.


At $29 this pocket sized journal cover is well worth the money given the materials used and the handmade nature. As another famous man once said, ‘One cannot put a price on a journal for the text and contents of one’s journal is priceless’. Believe me when I say, the contents of my journal will surely exceed the amount the journal and cover originally costed. Check them out -here-.

Tuff Writer Operator & Mini Click Pen Review – $95.00 & $115.00

We all know the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” While this saying alludes to the power of the written word over the literal power and durability of a steel blade, I definitely wouldn’t mind possessing a writing instrument that could draft poetry as well as survive an earthquake. In my search for such a writing utensil, I came across the Tuff Writer Operator and Mini Click Pens.

                                                                                  Roll that beautiful bean footage


Let’s start with the guts of the Tuff Writer Operator (Shown in Blue) 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum houses the Fisher SPR4 Pen. The 6061-T6 metal is extremely corrosion resistant, as well as very hard. This a great metal that performs will in areas where rust can be a hindrance. The exterior also employs a proprietary non marking/non reflective finish as well as being anodized for further durability. We see a cold pressed spring steel clip fastened by 2 hex bolts. The cap unscrews from the tip and pressure snaps onto the back for writing. The pen weighs 1.6 ounces and measures 6 inches.

All pens are personally crafted by Jack Roman, head of Tuff Writer. He describes them as “Living Designs” in that he never stops looking for ways to improve the pens, going so far as to rework already good mechanisms for even smoother operation.

The Mini Click is composed of brass, the model reviewed features a highly polished finish. We enjoy the same cold pressed steel clip. The Mini Click is you guessed it, a clicky pen. The cam mechanism is a Tuff Writer designed exclusive. The Mini Click measures in at 5.13 inches and weighs a robust 2.5 ounces. A Fisher SPR4 cartridge is housed as well.

The machining on these pens is superb. Notice how the line just disappears when the cap is screwed on.


Since both of these pens utilize an after market ink cartridge, I won’t focus too much on the actual ink. Although I will say we enjoy all the benefits of a pressurized Fisher cartridge including writing underwater, upside down in 400 degree temperatures. If, although you find yourself in those conditions with a pen, I suggest you stop reading this at once and consult a life coach.

As for the pens in hand, well I find both have their strengths. The Operator’s light weight is really nice, especially considering it’s built like a tank – although the constant need to unscrew the cap makes it better suited for a desk pen in my situation. Both of these pens are built tough, not just for durability in the field but for last ditch self defense applications, I’ll leave it to the reader’s imagination though. The knurling provides decent grip without discomfort.

The tension on the mini clip is great, a very secure clip even on thin fabrics. The upward flare on the end means you can usually clip it one handed depending on the rigidity of the material. I’m digging the O Ring grips but am worried about their overall lifespan and replacements. This pen feels good in the hand, a very substantial feel. I’ve been using it to collect signatures at work and it almost never fails to solicit a, “Wow, nice pen!” remark.


The thing I enjoy most about these pens, is they’re a different sort of breed. They’re sleek without being gaudy and stylish without pretension. While forms follows function, these pens still retain a quality aesthetic. Tuff Writer offers both of these models in a wide array of finishes too, so finding one that suits your personal style shouldn’t be difficult.

Not sure if I want to write a limerick with this baby or load it into a Howitzer!

The Operator works great on any PALS system, and stays put as well. It perfectly compliments my EDC


I had a good time working with these pens. Tuff Writer did a great job transmuting the concept of a pen as merely a writing device into an essential tool. The machining is flawless as much as I can tell and the price points are fair. Again I stress you consider your end use as the screw cap on the Operator can be a hindrance if you’re using the pen constantly in the field or require one hand operation. All said, if you’re in the market for a non disposable writing instrument that might just outlast you, I’d consider a Tuff Writer.

Choice Cuts Industries Dog Collar and Leash – $75

I’m so proud of my son. He’s 3 years old, healthy and strong and is finally ready for a big boy collar. Of course, you’ll realize my ‘son’ is handsome pup. My love of dogs and affinity for fine leather goods has always kept me on the hunt for that perfect leather collar and leash for him to be able to say bye bye to the ratty nylon one he’s had since he was a young pup. Choice Cuts Industries leather dog collars and leashes are simple yet elegant, well made and just a charm to look at and hold (and cuddle). Ok,ok..I promise to make this review about the leather goods and my pup!

About Choice Cuts Industries

Joel and Kerri Mills started Choice Cuts Industries in 2012. They create one of a kind, carefully crafted leather goods using traditional methods and the the finest American-tanned leather. From watch bands, Apple Watch bands, dog collars, and leashes to bags and everyday carry accessories, they design, make, and ship everything from their North Carolina workshop. They believe in creating beautiful functional items, made to last and improve with time.


The leather collar and leash is handmade using a single strip of bridal leather, copper rivets and sturdy antique brass hardware. The clasp on the leash is what most refer to as a ‘trigger hook swivel clasp’. Both pieces are 3/4 inches wide and the leash is 4 feet long. The color of this particular set is what they refer to as ‘chestnut’ and other colors are available as well.


The collar and leash function extremely well and are a joy to use. Since we remove our guy’s collar every night before bed and when he goes in the water, I must say it is very easy to buckle on and off, an issue I sometimes have with leather collars and other buckles. The leash clasp is both functional and stylish with the antique finish and I feel very good knowing that it is extra secure should my boy see a squirrel or a mail carrier.


I really like the minimalistic design of this set. There are some leather collars and leashes I’ve seen out there with more detail, stitches, rivets and other embellishes. But, honestly, I really like that the leather stands out and the design is simple yet beautiful. The leather is rich and gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how it ages on the boy and get’s that rough yet handsome patina and wear.


Both Jasper (the pup) and I are very pleased with this leather leash and collar set. They are available for purchase separately. For $35 for the collar and $45 for the leash, I really feel this is a great value for something that is very stylish, functional and built to last. Perhaps the money saved can go towards some new chew toys or bones.. Check out both the collar and leash -Here-.

Wise Men Company Wise Guy Pocket Tool Review – $85

There’s plenty of times when a problem presents itself, but getting the tool box simply isn’t an option or excessive given the situation; tightening a table leg, prying open a stuck door, etc. That’s when the mighty multi tool comes into play. The market is pretty saturated with EDC tools meant to act as jack of all trades and masters of none. One day while checking out the latest options, I came across Wise Men Company Wise Guy Pocket Tool and found it’s unique design instantly engrossing.


The Wise Guy weights in at a hefty 12 ounces, and is made of D2 steel.  According to SteelExpress:

D2 is an air hardening, high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel. It has high wear and abrasion resistant properties. It is heat treatable and will offer a hardness in the range 55-62 HRC, and is machinable in the annealed condition. D2 steel shows little distortion on correct hardening. D2 steel’s high chromium content gives it mild corrosion resisting properties in the hardened condition.

This model has a powder coat finish and this particular finish is gunmetal gray.  Tools include 3 box wrench sizes, a 1/4″ bit driver, a cap lifter, mini prybar, and a knuckle protector. There is also a Dewalt Philips/Flathead bit secured with 3 O rings.


First, let me mention the kydex belt clip because in my opinion you pretty much need to order it along with the Wise Guy. It allows for inner or outer waistband carry depending on your preference. It’s secure, and holds the tool nicely. Unless you’re carrying in a bag or your own pouch, the Wise Guy would be very uncomfortable in your pocket alone.

I really like that the screw bit can easily be swapped out for any standard dual end bit to suit your needs. You can swap it for hex, torx, etc. It can be placed through the hex opening and you have great corkscrew type leverage for fastening. The box wrench slots are useful but only on spacious applications due to the design. If a bolt is up against anything like a corner, forget about it.

The prybar works great, it’s saved my tender fingernails plenty of pain popping open battery covers and even getting the tire off my bike rim. One of the more striking features is the knuckle guard. Now, this is NOT intended to be used as a weapon, but if you’re in a tough spot, I’m sure your imagination can come up with how this might be useful. Aside from that, it does help with leveraging the tool and controlling it as you work.


Wise Men did a great job machining the Wise Guy. The smooth, rounded edges are very clean and since it was milled from a single block, there are no unsightly seams. It’s such an out of the box design that it gets attention. People don’t even know what it is until they see it in action and I like that.


At 85 bucks, you have a lot of great options for multi tools – so do your homework and consider your most frequent end uses. The unique design is a breath of fresh air in a stale market. The prybar and screwdriver really deliver and for that the Wise Men Wise Company Wise Guy Pocket Tool is on my belt, but because of certain limitations it is complemented with my Leatherman.  

Trayvax Contour Wallet Review – $139.99

Ever since Trayvax released their first hybrid wallet not more than a few years ago, they’ve been non stop in developing new ways to hold your cash and cards. Their latest offering aims at those seeking a high end, luxury piece. The Trayvax Contour Wallet features hand-stitching, CNC-machining and PVD finishing, but is it worth the extra cost? Read on for my take.


The Contour is mainly comprised of two different pieces. First we have the steel skeleton that forms the backbone of the wallet. Precision CNC machining is used in crafting the steel plate followed by a Titanium aluminium nitride coating. Top grain oil tanned leather is used to tie it all together. All materials are sourced in the US as well as fabrication. The wallet has an adjustable sliding clasp and attachment point for use with a lanyard/carabiner/etc.


I’ve used Trayvax wallets in the past, and the basic concept remains with a few twists. The adjustable securing clasp is a new feature which is handy in keeping your cards secure and allowing you to custom fit based on your number of cards. With the included torx wrench you can loosen the clasp if you have more cards or retract it so tighten the slack.

Cash retrieval is a bit awkward but I use my phone to pay for items and as we move more into a contactless pay society, the less I worry about handling paper money. The attachment point is great if you want to attach a chain or paracord to your wallet, but personally I just pocket carry. The Ascent definitely works better as a front pocket carry and the wallet is RFID resistant which adds peace of mind. And yes, don’t forget the bottle opener.


This is arguably one of the best looking wallets I’ve reviewed. It’s so off the beaten path you can’t help but get excited about it. I find myself just fidgeting with it. The leather looks great and will develop a patina that will serve as a reminder of sorts on all you put the wallet through. Trayvax backs it with a 65 year warranty as well. The leather color pictured is Canyon Red but the Ascent is available in quite a few other finishes!


After handling the Trayvax Contour Wallet, I really came to appreciate the finer details and aesthetic it offered. Personally, those differences aren’t enough to warrant the cost over some of their other models. If you love Trayvax though, and a lot of people do, then having their premier wallet will definitely not disappoint.

Trayvax is one of my favorite companies, due to their integrity and dedication to keeping this wallet American made from start to finish, so if you do drop some serious cash on this wallet, you can feel good knowing it’s supporting American craftsmanship.

Fisher Astronaut Space Pen AG7 Review -$100

I love me a good pen. My first dedicated pocket carry writing utensil was in fact a Fisher Bullet Space Pen, I found it on the ground while walking and was instantly drawn to it’s design. I’ve since given that pen to my wife to keep in her purse. This left a serious void in my pocket, and since I love the classics, The Fisher Astronaut Space Pen was a serious contender for that coveted spot in my Levis. Who wouldn’t want the first pen in space…in their pocket?


The AG7 has a solid brass body, finished with a black titanium nitride finish. Basically titanium nitride is a very hard ceramic coating. This finish is often used with industrial applications, so it’s pretty cool seeing it used on a pen. This will greatly improve the pens resistance to scratches and scuffs. This pen comes in at 5” long and weighs roughly 30 grams or a hair over an ounce.

It utilizes a tailcap push button operation for extending the ballpoint and a side actuated button for retracting it. There is a pocket clip with “Fisher AG 7” stamped on it as well.


This pen houses a  Fisher PR4 black ink medium point. The sealed, pressurized ink flow is excellent. I’m talking instant, smooth lines. You can write upside down with this pen, as well as under water and in absurd temperature conditions, but personally I’m just fine jotting down my to do list at a comfortable 67 degrees. The barrel doesn’t offer much in the way of grip, as there is no knurling of any kind, so this might not be the best option for a mechanic or in any environment where your hands are overly slick.

Having said that, I find it to be an ideal everyday writing instrument. The pocket clip seems robust enough to handle pant’s pockets and will be at home in a chest pocket. Thanks again to the pocket clip, there is no rolling with this pen and the novelty of the side retract button makes it fun to operate.


Honestly, I find the traditional AG7 pens a bit dull. However, the titanium nitride finish really livens up the classic silhouette. The design is very no nonsense, there isn’t anything on this pen that isn’t necessary which is what you might expect from a pen used by Nasa. This pen has an understated charm, it doesn’t scream executive splurge yet it doesn’t come off as another Bic.  


Fisher’s Astronaut AG7 Space Pen is a timeless classic. This pen writes smoothly and infallibly, and is sleek and unobtrusive when carried. If the $100 price tag is setting you on edge, you can always opt for the original chrome plated model which is 40 dollars less. Either way you’re getting a piece of history and an excellent writing tool.

CountyComm Brass Embassy Pen Review – $98

I’ve been into the EDC (Everyday Carry) scene for quite some time. Essentially, EDC comprises of the items you have on your person at all times. Be it your keys, wallet or even a pocket knife. It has become somewhat of a practiced discipline in terms of preparedness on a practical, daily level. One of the widely recognized foundation pieces of a proper EDC kit is a pen. Do a quick search and you’ll likely find the CountyComm Brass Embassy Pen mentioned more than once. I’m here today with one and eagerly look forward to sharing my findings.


CountyComm is a California based supplier to federal, state and local government agencies. They are responsible for the design, manufacture and sales of these products. The surplus products from these transactions are only available through their site in limited quantities. Their specialty lies in high quality quartz and automatic watches, but they offer an array of EDC related items and other tools.


The construction on the Embassy is pretty clear cut, it’s machined from a solid round of brass. C360 Free Pass to be exact. Brass is kind of like the Maple of woodworking in terms of crafting. It’s malleable yet maintains structural strength and integrity during the machining process (Which is done in CountyComms own private machine lab) and the use of brass also presents a few more benefits worthy to note; The bacteriostatic properties of the brass inhibit germs growing on your pen, especially relevant with an object used exclusively by hand. It’s also very long wearing, corrosive resistant and can handle high heat which is great for writing an apology note to your wife for forgetting your anniversary.

The letters U,S and A look good on just about everything

The Embassy body comprises of the barrel, pen shaft and the cap. A stonewashed stainless steel clip is attached to the lid. Aggressive diamond pattern knurling is featured on the barrel and shaft. Measurements are 5.25″ inches by .50″ diameter and the weight is 4 oz.


The Embassy uses a black ink pressurized Fisher Space Refill, so it can write in extreme heats as well as upside down. Ink flow is smooth as long as even, consistent pressure is applied when writing. Speaking of writing, this pen is heavy. Clocking in at  4oz it weighs almost as much a  modern smartphone, so keep that in mind. While I wouldn’t want to write an essay on the socioemotional differences between Nick’s Dough and Disney’s, filling out brief forms or jotting notes is a pleasure.

This pen has a commanding presence, no doubt. The substantial feel of it gives off an almost detectable aura of significance when in use. Writing down my grocery lists seems to take on a very serious tone when I write with the Embassy, contracts signed with the Embassy are never broken and sweepstakes filled out with the Embassy always win.  

The textured knurling provides a secure, somewhat uncomfortable grip. It’s not overly aggressive, but some may find it a little abrasive. I also notice my hand has a faint brass odor when I’ve been using the pen for an extended time, this may fade with use but I still notice it. The stainless steel clip has excellent tension and will keep the pen secure in a pants pocket no problem. Given the weight and size of the pen it could come in handy in self defense situations if need be and you could probably bust a window open if you had to.


The Embassy is a handsome tool. Definitely the type of pen Arnold Schwarzenegger probably keeps in his pocket when signing autographs. It adds great character to my somewhat tame EDC, and never fails to provoke a “Wow, nice pen!” when used by someone. The clean, masculine lines and expert machining really make for a flawless aesthetic on this piece. I would love to have more options on colors and metals, but the Brass does look oh so good.


At just under a hundred dollars, the Embassy actually finds it’s pricing at the lower end of the spectrum for high quality writing instruments. The weight of this pen may be a put off for some, but if you want a heavy, solid pen that will last forever, the CountyComm Brass Embassy is a solid choice.