Fisher Astronaut Space Pen AG7 Review -$100

I love me a good pen. My first dedicated pocket carry writing utensil was in fact a Fisher Bullet Space Pen, I found it on the ground while walking and was instantly drawn to it’s design. I’ve since given that pen to my wife to keep in her purse. This left a serious void in my pocket, and since I love the classics, The Fisher Astronaut Space Pen was a serious contender for that coveted spot in my Levis. Who wouldn’t want the first pen in space…in their pocket?


The AG7 has a solid brass body, finished with a black titanium nitride finish. Basically titanium nitride is a very hard ceramic coating. This finish is often used with industrial applications, so it’s pretty cool seeing it used on a pen. This will greatly improve the pens resistance to scratches and scuffs. This pen comes in at 5” long and weighs roughly 30 grams or a hair over an ounce.

It utilizes a tailcap push button operation for extending the ballpoint and a side actuated button for retracting it. There is a pocket clip with “Fisher AG 7” stamped on it as well.


This pen houses a  Fisher PR4 black ink medium point. The sealed, pressurized ink flow is excellent. I’m talking instant, smooth lines. You can write upside down with this pen, as well as under water and in absurd temperature conditions, but personally I’m just fine jotting down my to do list at a comfortable 67 degrees. The barrel doesn’t offer much in the way of grip, as there is no knurling of any kind, so this might not be the best option for a mechanic or in any environment where your hands are overly slick.

Having said that, I find it to be an ideal everyday writing instrument. The pocket clip seems robust enough to handle pant’s pockets and will be at home in a chest pocket. Thanks again to the pocket clip, there is no rolling with this pen and the novelty of the side retract button makes it fun to operate.


Honestly, I find the traditional AG7 pens a bit dull. However, the titanium nitride finish really livens up the classic silhouette. The design is very no nonsense, there isn’t anything on this pen that isn’t necessary which is what you might expect from a pen used by Nasa. This pen has an understated charm, it doesn’t scream executive splurge yet it doesn’t come off as another Bic.  


Fisher’s Astronaut AG7 Space Pen is a timeless classic. This pen writes smoothly and infallibly, and is sleek and unobtrusive when carried. If the $100 price tag is setting you on edge, you can always opt for the original chrome plated model which is 40 dollars less. Either way you’re getting a piece of history and an excellent writing tool.

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