Tagsmith Leather Bifold Wallet – $54

At BestLeather, we see a great deal of wallets. Do we tire of seeing and using them? Well…no. It’s amazing how many variations of a wallet or billfold there are out there. They range from simple to exotic and everything in-between. I’m still on a quest to find “the one” that truly fits the bill for me. And, I’m getting close…really close. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I like simplicity. The Tagsmith Leather Bifold Wallet is an excellent example of simplicity in the crowded wallet market.


About Tagsmith Originals

Steve Neal founded Tagsmith in 2010. Based in Southern California, Steve takes his leather crafting seriously. In my conversations with Steve, here’s his story, “I made some leather guitar straps when I was a teenager, then picked it back up about 10 years ago. I started off making stuff for friends, and myself. Then, in 2010, I launched my business. When I first started working with leather, I was just figuring it out as I went. As I got more advanced on my own, I wanted to pursue a higher level of craftsmanship, so about five years ago, I sought out a retired leather craftsman and saddle maker to mentor me. He has taught me things you just won’t find in books or on the Internet. I personally make every item that comes out of my shop.”



Steve is dedicated to using only leather tanned in the USA. My dark brown leather bifold wallet features 3-4 oz., vegetable tanned, brown bridle leather from Wickett & Craig of America in Curwensville, Pennsylvania – a tannery that was established in 1867. Tagsmith’s bonded nylon thread comes from American & Efird of Mt. Holly, NC. While A&E produces thread from over 20 countries around the globe, Steve only uses their Made in the USA products.


Steve explains his construction process here, “I glue the pieces of the bifold wallet with contact cement and then machine stitch them. I backstitch the stress points of the pocket by hand, locking out the final stitch with a special technique an old saddle maker taught me.”



The Tagsmith’s Leather Bifold Wallet performs its tasks perfectly. It holds plenty of items in two pockets. While it is a simple design, it holds a lot. Currently I am carrying the following in this wallet:

  • 12 cards (license, debit/credit cards, gift cards)
  • 3 business cards
  • My hunting license, deer tag, and elk tag
  • $33 cash (one twenty-dollar bill and 13 one-dollar bills)


It contains more than I want it too right now. But, I have been pretty busy lately – a quick five-day business trip to Sacramento, CA and then a short hunting trip into the mountains near my house for a few days. So, I’ll pare this back down to about 8 cards and I’ll get my hunting license/tags into my hunting pack. But, it should be noted that this simple bifold wallet easily carries a lot.


Another thing that I really appreciate about this little wallet is its size. It’s not too small and it’s not too large. Yep, it’s just right. Often times, in their quest to go “minimal”, leather crafters will create a wallet that has such a small footprint that they are so tight, it’s hard to get a single card pulled out of a pocket. At 4.5” in width, the Tagsmith Bifold Wallet is wider than many of its competitors. This is a nice feature – most credit cards are 3.5” in width. So, the wallet allows a little “wiggle room” and this translates to making it easy to use. It still falls into the minimal genre and will comfortably slip into a front or back pocket.


The leather on this wallet has a great look and feel to it. The dark brown, waxy, semi-gloss finish is rich. The slightly lighter colored thread creates a nice, subtle contrast. The edges are finished nicely, the stitching is great, and each pocket features a nicely sized cutout making it easy to select the correct card. The Tagsmith moniker is tastefully added to the inside on one pocket. It has quickly become my daily carry wallet.



To purchase the Tagsmith Leather Bifold Wallet at $54 is a solid choice. For just $6 more, you can add 3 initials on the outside. Steve’s dedication to producing quality pieces shines through and you will be pleased with your decision to purchase from him. Tagsmith features a variety of wallet designs and more. Check out his Etsy store or visit Tagsmith‘s website.

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