Reinvent Yourself At Work With Alaskan Leather Company

Reinvent Yourself At Work With Alaskan Leather Company

If things haven’t been particularly awry in a person`s life, education and profession are two broad avenues one usually travel`s in a lifespan. Once you`re done with academics, your quest to earn a livelihood is supposed to take up much of your time and normally carries on until you retire or cease to exist. 

What`s important to note is that you have greater room to be clumsy and blunt while you`re getting ready for professional life in university but that room gets squeezed more and more once you enter the real game and climb up the corporate ladder. Nowhere is your image and appearance more in focus than in the professional world. There would be many who have similar skills and work ethic but few rise up above the rest and really make it big. Why? 

Truth is, how you performed on a particular day in a year might get blurred in your supervisor`s memory but you can be sure that he remembers that you carry a sharp and smart image at work. That image can earn you precious brownie points. Many professionals focus on the immediate that they wear, the shirt, the trouser, the shoes and the watch etc. but sometimes forget that their bag can be a uniquely powerful communicator of their overall persona at work. Not advisable at all to have a work bag that looks plain cheap and unattractive all the while giving an obsolete look overtime, being a waste of money. 

Just the point where leather comes into play as the carrier of values that a sharp and powerful looking work bag should possess. 

Identifying The Right Leather Work Bag For Yourself

There`s already enough stress in the modern professional environment and the feeling at the back of your mind that your work bag isn’t reliable is the last thing you want. Leather is the term used interchangeably for durability in other similar manufacturing industries which is testament that you can be sure with leather bags that they are going to last a fair while, if not more. 

Although, backpacks have fast encroached into the space of other more formal workbags with their versatility in terms of functionality and ease of use, the allure and gravitas of a formal leather briefcase is unmatched. An option between versatile backpacks which are epitome of semi casual & formal briefcases that touch the solemn formal tone are the Leather Satchel Messenger Bags that are a smart choice for the busy professional whose on the move often.

Let`s have a sneak peek at two classy and professional work bags offered by the Alaskan Leather Company.  

Anderson Black Leather Laptop Backpack  

When imagining on the precarious mix of professional style, maximum functionality with convenience of use and durability together, Anderson Black Leather Laptop Backpack ticks all boxes perfectly. 

Style Statement and Reliability:

Black is always a formal and powerful option to start with for a professional bag while Anderson`s clean grainy finish and feel reflects well on the full grain leather used to manufacture this backpack and is a testament to its strength and durability. With durable YKK zippers, cotton inner lining and antique brass hardware, this leather backpack should be a strong reinforcement of your style statement at work place. 

Like most of our leather backpacks, it is an Excellent fit for all laptop centric and semi casual/moderately formal work environments (tech, sales, marketing & advertising or customer service) where being smart and happening yet professional is the intention.

Multi Functional and Multi Purpose:

Of course, modern professionals love to have workbags that can handle stuff apart from just the work essentials. Anderson provides you multiple organizing options to handle stuff of varying nature. First and foremost, the backpack has an (L11.5” x D5.5” x H16.5”) measuring main compartment for documents and other work essentials with a padded sleeve that fits most 15.6” laptops with ease. To keep cards, cash, wallet, phones etc. safely, there`s a separate zipper pocket inside just for this purpose. An open holder pocket alongside this interior zipper pocket is an additional option just in case you feel like keeping anything further inside, at instant reach. Additional organization pockets at the front, side and back allow you the freedom to pack up chargers, wires, IPODs, stationery, water bottles or any other travel or personal necessities you may want to carry with you. 

You also have a luggage strap at the back for airport transfers and convenience in carry during travel. Last but not the least, the adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable enough to balance weight between your two shoulders evenly for longer durations of time while you also have a carry handle for days when you just feel like carrying the backpack in your hand to give a distinctly stylish look entering your work place. 

At $200 price point, you invest into a backpack that has you covered both professionally and personally. 

Wagner Leather Pilot Bag

Only formal comes to mind with briefcases and that is just the kind of work culture they`re designed for. However, we have all witnessed briefcases that can be dour dead and their very appearance can suck the life out of an otherwise lively work environment. Don’t worry, with Alaskan Leather Company you get briefcases like the Wagner Leather Pilot Bag that are built to mesmerize one and all, whether it’s a board room you walk into or an investor meet at a luxury hotel. 

Built & Functionality: 

Made with sturdy full grain cow leather, Wagner is the kind of investment you would be proud of revealing to your grand children, once your long professional journey comes to an end. The durable stitch with cotton inner lining, universally acclaimed YKK zippers and antique brass hardware all provide this leather briefcase the kind of strength and security needed to be a reliable partner at work. Rest assured, you grand kids will admire your taste for things that last and hold their character overtime. 

With a padded laptop sleeve (fit for 17” laptops) being part of the overall (L 11.5″ x D 5.5″ x H 16.5) main compartment, you get to pack up all you work briefs, documents and travel essentials etc. with convenience. For you cash, cards, phone or other valuables, there`s a separate zipper pocket inside with a couple of open holder pockets as well for instant reach items. 

There are additional organizing options placed stylishly at the front of the bag with a separate zipper pocket on the back that’s spacious enough to carry a variety of different material you may accumulate overtime but only use sparingly. What`s more, there are snap pockets on the side to carry water bottle when you travel or for stuff to be tucked in at the last moment. Two separate and comfortable carry handles with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap complete the rich functional story of this bag.   

For The Seasoned Professional:

When operating in highly formal work settings, you might get worn down overtime with the pressure to deliver and ignore your style element. Wagner is the long term solution to such a situation. Brown is a signature color from the leather style guide and the fiery finish to the brown full grain leather gives this professional bag a powerful and uniquely stylish look. Something that exudes authority, something that attracts attention for sure.

Working your way up the seniority ladder is challenging after all, why waste an opportunity if you can invest in a work bag that delivers a powerful message on behalf of you. 

On A Concluding Note I Must Say…

With the passage of time, you become wiser professionally. You will change your wardrobe every day but your work bag remains the same. Invest wisely into one that is a reliable partner, allows you functional convenience and provides your personality a sharp edge among the crowd. Asking too much from a work bag? Check out leather briefcases at the Alaskan Leather Company.  


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