I Want A Belt Custom Leather Belt Review

Buy it for life…It’s become a mantra for me as I look for consumer goods. Whether it’s something as essential as a car, or as seemingly trivial as a pair of kitchen scissors. One of my first obsessions with leather was actually the result of a cheap belt. It was “genuine” leather and it cracked in half after a few months of wear. It was then that I went on a quest for a high quality belt and found you simply can’t find one in a department store. I’m always excited when I learn of a high quality leather belt maker, as keeping your pants up is such an integral part of nearly everyone’s life! Today we’re going to take a look at I Want A Belt’s Custom Leather Belts – A company that hand makes belts to your specifications.


Unlike cheap mass produced belts that use “genuine leather” which is often leather fibers mashed and mixed and held together with glue, I Want A Belt only uses select full grain bullhide Italian tanned leather. The edges have very clean cuts and the burnish results in a smooth feel along the entirety of the belt. Each arbor pressed notch is evenly spaced. The heavy duty solid brass buckle adds a nice heft to the belt as well.   All belts are handcrafted in the United States.

The easy to use interface on I Want a Belt  allows you to fine tune the belt to your exact needs. There are options for length, width, end shape, buckle, etc – And once your order is placed, the belt begins construction immediately. Turn around time was great.


This belt functions wonderfully. The leather is very supple, so navigating through your pant loops isn’t a chore and a rather swift procedure. I opted for the 1.5” width which provides ample coverage and adds support for carrying accessories such as a pocket knife or phone holster. 

The buckle is on the larger side which enables easier unbuckling. I will recommend sizing up a bit when ordering just to allow for some slack and unexpected *cough* weight gain. Did we mention, it does in fact keep your pants up.


The proprietor of I Want A Belt is a 3rd generation artisan with a leather lineage that goes back a hundred years. Trade secrets passed from  great grandfather to great grandson really reflect in the look of this belt. The simplicity of the design leaves no unneeded accoutrements.

The deep hues (Color shown is Saddle Brown) look great on virtually any pair of pants. I’ve worn it with shorts, khakis, jeans…you name it. You can also add the American Flag badge on the belt if desired, it adds a nice flair and pays homage to the American made heritage of the belt.


We were really impressed with the quality and execution that I Want A Belt offers. The ability to have a direct say in the size, look and components of the belt really offered a customized experience. The price point (Around $67-72) per belt falls within the more affordable range for high end belts, while  the heirloom quality means you likely won’t be shopping for a new belt in the decades to come…unless you want another in black!

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