Passionate leather gifts that will impress your partner

You spot a cool guy or girl on a dating site. You read their profile. There are so many questions to ask! What ‘s even better is you can’t wait to show them your hobbies, like going on a kayak adventure or riding the attractions at your favorite theme park. Perhaps you’re falling in love with their puppy pics. It’s normal for the conversation to evolve as you both feel comfortable exploring different topics. Some people want to invite others into their Red Room and show them all their leather toys, but it’s not a good idea to do that from the start.


As you’re messaging each other daily on the BDSM dating sites, a little heat starts building between you. After all, they’ve got amazing pictures, and they’re always cracking funny little jokes. Yet even if you are connected on the basis of your mutual interest in kinky bedroom behavior, and you’re dying to meet them, when it finally happens, don’t try to appear too intense. We advise you to convey attention without being overly personal. When starting new chats as you’re using an online service, you will meet members who are open about their kinky natures and others who keep conversations more general. Therefore, a leather toy, clothing, or anything, in particular, can make a great gift… just not on a first date with the person you barely know or even met online. So, what time will be appropriate, then, and what are the best leather gifts you can use to make your partner happy?

Where to Start

Searching for the perfect gift for your date? Some men and women on a dating site would bring flowers in this instance, and others would pick a small gift based on their potential match’s interests. Perhaps she loves teddy bears or likes to wear silver jewelry. Perhaps he likes to go hunting and fishing. The sky’s the limit. But you want to hint at something kinky with your gift? Just be vanilla when you begin a relationship, as what you shouldn’t do is give the leather gifts we suggest below on the first date. Save them for the appropriate time once you know each other better. You could scare off a great person. Add these items to your collection, and they will come in handy later. But if you’ve been together for quite some time, here are the best leather gifts a partner can gift to their significant other to make bedroom fun far more intense!

Stylish Leather Gifts for Men and Women

  • Leather whip. These play toys come in different varieties, including a leather wand with a coat of tails or just a collection of leather strings or bands. It is usually sturdy and should be used sparingly to cause targeted punishments to your partner.
  • Leather face mask. The only way to reduce your partner to the disguise appropriate to a masquerade ball or a prisoner in a dungeon, depending on how you’re role-playing, is this gift’s idea. It should have eye holes and appropriate ventilation. 
  • Leather handcuffs. These come in many styles, some with ornate metal links and adornments, like grommets or holes. Make sure you choose a style that will not rust easily because you and your playmate might be getting intensely sweaty during sex play.
  • Leather leg cuffs. While handcuffs are standard fare for every kind of nocturnal adventure, once you venture into using leg cuffs and connectors, the movements of your partner become more restricted. Using this gift requires a level of trust that increases intimacy and communication. Negotiate careful boundaries when experimenting with them. 
  • Leather belt and center connector for handcuffs and leg cuffs. As stated above, you need more trust to completely restrain your partner with a belt, center connector, handcuffs, and leg cuffs. Foot cuffs are also options, especially if your date wants to be hog-tied (in a sense). 

Online dating takes patience. You never know whether a conversation from a chatroom will develop into a committed relationship or remain a short-term friendship. You also don’t know if there will be physical chemistry with someone who begins as a good conversationalist. When you’re packing up all your gear for a casual date, it’s important to have a quality leather backpack or weekend bag handy. This way, you will keep your other leather toys discreetly on hand if they’re needed. And, the best part is that dates like these will definitely be fun!

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