6 Research Sources For Writing An Essay About Leather Goods Production

6 Research Sources For Writing An Essay About Leather Goods Production


Writing essays can be a challenging experience, especially when the focus is on niche topics you are not knowledgeable about, just like leather goods production. Fortunately, you can ask the college essay writing service for help with research and get an in-depth report on paper. But if you prefer to handle the task, you need to know where to source the information. This article will introduce you to critical information sources to help you research and write on the topic of leather goods production.

The process behind leather goods production

The early men used parts of animals for various purposes – meat/milk for food, bones for protection, skin for clothing, etc. The hides of these animals served as leather to cover the early men, and today, Italy is the highest exporter of leather. And there is a great chance that you have at least one item made from leather, proving how big the industry is.

Today, many students get into the leather production vs manufacturing debate, either as an assignment or during casual conversations. If you have ever engaged in that argument, this article will clarify things for you. While leather production is about making leather, the manufacturing process delves into the transformation stage of the raw materials into finished goods like clothing items, furniture, etc.


The leather production process commonly undergoes three stages; preparatory, tanning, and crusting. The manner, producing method, and operations depend on the nature of leather and end-products like suede, nubuck, faux or other types of leather. But if you need profound research on leather goods production, you will benefit from information from the following sources:

  1. The Leather Industry

Getting into the factory and witnessing the creation of leather products will help you understand the various leather-making processes better. If you engage with the plant manager and tell them about the essay you have in mind, the manager can set an appointment so they can answer all your questions. They may even give you a tour on the ins and outs of the industry and expose you to the leather-making process. 

  1. The Internet

Check YouTube videos, eBooks, journal articles, documentaries, photos, and texts that can expose you to the world of leather goods production. You shouldn’t visit the factory or ranch to get the information you need; everything is just a click away. You can gather the materials online, compile the data and give a detailed report based on the information you sourced from the internet. However, ensure to only study information from reputable sites and leather manufacturers.

  1. Seminars

Attending symposia like the Leather and Leatherite Events can enlighten you about leather goods production. Since the leather market is a viable one, experts from the various sectors of leather production frequently share their experiences and thoughts about leather goods. Seminars are usually interactive, so you can get detailed information within a short period. Just like asking teachers, you get to engage in one-on-one discussions with the experts.

  1. Workshop learning

Having first-hand experience of producing leather goods is an excellent way of gathering information about your essay topic. When you volunteer to serve at a leather workshop, you will learn the intricate methods of preserving animal skin, sorting (which include softening, dyeing, etc.), quality checks, etc. You will also understand the production cycle, which has three stages: inputs – processes – outputs.


  1. The Workers

Engaging people who produce leather goods in healthy conversations can bring positive results. Instead of looking at the leather industry generally, you can get to the grassroots. Talking to ranchers, meatpackers, tanners, resellers, and crafters/customers will leave you with striking insights.


Why should you talk to these professionals? Ranchers breed animals while meatpackers use animals to get the material (milk, hide, etc.) that other industries can benefit from. Then, tanners alter the texture, color, and thickness of the rawhide into finished leather. Finally, the crafters/customers collect the finished items and make them into leather goods like jackets, hats, shoes, etc. So, interacting with various persons involved in the production process will give you more information to fit into our essay.

  1. Libraries

Visiting a library can be a valuable source of information about leather goods production as some personal journals and historical accounts may not be available on the internet. The quiet can also help you put your thoughts together while you do your research. Additionally, libraries are organized, so it’s easy to access many materials. The librarian can even be of immense help if you ask questions. Finally, pairing your library search with internet research can help you create a well-rounded essay that your professor will love.


When writing an essay, you should avoid leaving the reader with insufficient information, which is why you need to seek help from professionals. Your article will only be as robust as your research when writing a niche topic on leather goods production. So getting information from valuable and credible sources will help you write a superb paper that you can confidently submit.


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