Akushio On-the-Go Organizer: The World’s First Antimicrobial Toiletry Bag

The clean, convenient way to store and travel with all your toiletries and cosmetics.

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Maintaining your skincare and beauty routine while you travel is difficult. And it’s even harder to “pack light” when you’re an acne-prone, skincare and beauty lover, am I right? You tell yourself, that it’s just a week’s vacation and that your sister has great stuff you can use… but, anything that’s not YOUR routine will do and you break out! Talk about vacation ruined!

On top of that, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to unpack and scatter your sizable collection across the bathroom counter and tub. But, the hotel cleaning staff only have 30 minutes to clean your entire suite due to daily quotas. So, all those germs and bacteria end up making their way to your precious face and eventually all over your belongings when you pack everything back up.

All of this means that while you’re on vacation — (you know, the time you’re supposed to relax, explore, and discover) your healthy, glowy skin becomes broken out, unhappy, and irritated. And, it can take months to recover.

Here in comes Akushio’s On-the-Go Organizer: the world’s first antimicrobial toiletry bag.

On-the-Go is a major upgrade over most toiletry and cosmetics bags. Why? It organizes and can store even the most sizable, complicated skincare and beauty routine in a totally antimicrobial space that is chic and compact. So, whether you’re in Manhattan or Milan, you’ll have no excuses but to keep up with your regimen!

It’s perfect to keep at home, and when you’re ready, simply zip up and go with all your self-care products because you deserve to feel beautiful and confident — no matter where you are in the world. The dual compartments, 12 strategically-placed pockets, and hidden hanging hook allow you to store everything inside to use right out of the bag, so that you don’t have to worry about collecting bacteria from your vanity and you never have to leave any part of your routine behind. 

In manufacturing of our products, Akushio is committed to partnering with US-based companies dedicated to quality, innovation, and sustainability. 

Our On-the-Go Organizer is made from a combination of PU leather, recycled polyester lining, and recycled nylon mesh.

The luxuriously soft faux leather exterior is made with a certified silver ion-based agent that prevents the growth of bacteria without polluting the air and water. When we first came across this technology, it opened the floodgates for us to make On-the-Go completely antimicrobial!

To make On-the-Go is also antimicrobial and water-resistant on the inside, we treated our recycled polyester and nylon interior fabrics with the following:


  • SILVADUR™- a patented polymer technology to deliver silver ions via an “intelligent control” mechanism to neutralize the unwanted organisms while being recyclable & reusable during processing applications, saving water & energy.
  • GreenShield® Stain Protection – a low fluorocarbon nanoparticle-based water and stain repellent finish, inspired by a plant leaf and how it allows water and oil droplets to roll right off.


Did we mention the interior is sustainably dyed two ways?

The polyester lining via a waterless, heat-based coloring process by a leading fabric printing company in Los Angeles’ fashion district. And the recycled mesh with all-natural ingredients by an artisanal master in New York City


Simply zip up and go. Let’s get On-the-Go ready!

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