Leatherworker- Are There Many Students Interested in This Craft

Leatherworker: Are There Many Students Interested in This Craft?

(Leatherwork can be a great way for students to earn some good money while learning a new skill.)

Humanities, Science and Commerce are the mainstream subjects that every student considered while deciding which subject to choose for higher studies. But certain skilled crafts have a great scope but not many people are fully aware of them. Leatherwork is one such. Although these do not have courses, they do have bright careers.

The renowned and perhaps the most talented actor Daniel Day-Lewis, quit his prosperous career in Hollywood to adopt leatherwork. His passion for shoemaking led him to become an apprentice of the master craftsman Stefano Bemer. Similarly, many students have a passion for leatherwork but do not know how to make a career out of it. Some do not even know that it can be a great job for students. They can learn their passion and also earn some extra bucks.

If you are remotely interested in leatherwork and leather goods and wish to be a master maker someday, you have landed at the right place! In this article, we will talk all about the art of leatherwork and how you can do it. 

Why Is a Tanner’s Job Interesting? 

The tanner’s job requires a lot of finesse and artistry. It is a very interesting job but requires a lot of practice to master it. There are a few leather companies that render a human touch to their products. Most just make everything like a commodity but leatherwork that is personal and crafted by hand can have great value to both the worker and the buyer. It removes what Karl Marx called ‘alienation’. 

The precision and depth with which a tanner works are no less than art. It also involves a lot of learning about different kinds of leathers, the different processes, and much more. This knowledge can help you build your own business. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

College and university students have a great scope of earning enough money to suffice them and be saved. One can venture into essay service or learn tanning to earn some solid bucks. Essay writing services are the need of the hour and many students look for quality sites. For example, excellent service by Writix has students flock to their website every day. They provide quality research papers and dissertations for university students. 

Now coming to the scale of earning in the field of tanning, we can say that it varies. But we can give you a rough idea about the pay scale prevalent in the country. You can earn up to about 25 thousand dollars in a year. You can earn about 14 dollars per hour as an intermediate after you have learned your work well. And later when you have become an expert, it could go high and you should get high-profile clients. 

However, one must remember that the final amount you accumulate over some time (say half a year or one year) depends upon a lot of important factors such as the rate you are working at, the hours you put in, your level of work, and other minor ones. 

Why Is It Better Than Routine in the Office? 

While office work is considered safe, secure, and easy to bag, it can be extremely alienating and boring. Think about waking up every day at the same time and doing the same kind of work till the end of time! It can be tedious and frustrating. On the contrary, leatherwork has a personal touch to it. It is a craft and requires you to not work as a puppet but create something by yourself. 

Anything creative renders man a sense of belonging and peace, much like writing poetry or gardening. If you have had your education in humanities, you would know how a man and his psyche are shaped by the kind of work he does. Leatherwork can be stress-busting and become a passion for some people. But office work can never turn into a passion because it is impersonal and duty-bound. 

Leatherwork has always been a matter of pride for craftsmen but with modern industrialization and the advent of machines, the artistry seems to have lost the spotlight. Nevertheless, it is not buried and if you have a passion, by all means, chase it! 


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