Leather Scented Candles Review Part 2

In my latest installment of leather scented candle reviews, I bring three new players into the mix – Lord Wallington, A², and Glint. These three candlemakers each carry their own styles and scents for those looking to add some variety to their growing candle collections.

Lord Wallington “Cashmere and Leather” – $15

Lord Wallington is named after Wally, the rescue pup of Immanuel Ontiveros. The rest of Lord Wallington is the product of Immanuel and his wife’s creativity and hard work, which can be seen in everything from his bow tie designs to the hand-poured soy candles. Each candle is made from 100% soybean wax produced from US grown soybeans and poured in San Diego, CA. Tired of the standard vanilla scents used in men’s candles, Immanuel chose a blend of leather and cashmere scents to create a balanced yet masculine scent not easily found elsewhere. Cashmere & Leather comes in a 4 oz. jar.



Lord Wallington’s Cashmere & Leather soy candle arrives in a handsome amber jar perfect for any stylishly designed home. Twist off the screw cap and you find the air filling with a moderately sweet soft smell with a hint of musk. If cashmere has a smell, this must be it. The fragrance reminds me of sugar-coated leather if that makes any sense. Once the candle is lit, a warm glow fills the amber jar and there is a mild throw of fragrance reminiscent of fresh, clean leather on a cool day – like sitting in a leather car on a cold winter morning. This is a great candle for someone looking for a soft balanced candle that’s not overwhelming and works well for both men and women.


Glint Candles “Leather Tobacco + Sandalwood” – $17.99

Lacey Grevious of Glint Candles used to teach candle-making in North Lake Tahoe, California before applying for nursing school. At the last minute, she decided to follow her passion and began selling stylish and refillable eco-friendly candles. Each candle is a specific blend of soy and coconut waxes with a cotton wick specifically chosen for optimum clean burn. All materials are sourced from the US. Lacey and her partner, Chris, plan on traveling the country on a 1994 short bus turned mobile candle factory to showcase her candles across the country. Today’s particular candle is also called the “Shot In The Dark” Candle with a burn time of approximately 50 hours in an 8oz. jar.



The Leather Tobacco + Sandalwood Soy Candle has a hand pressed signature aluminum lid. The jar is glass covered with a strip of tissue paper with a camera print to serve as a reminder to stay in the present with what’s happening in the now. The use of the tissue paper gives the jar a beautiful ground glass texture and appearance while the solid white wax and cotton wick give the candle a clean, sharp look. The scent description on the website is pretty spot-on: there is a fantastically strong masculine fragrance of pepper, sweet tobacco, warm teak and patachouli even before you burn the candle. When burning, there is a good throw of the same smells but with the softer sweeter tobacco and teak toning down the peppery kick of the candle. Overall, a fantastic option for candle lovers looking to get a great scent without always having to light a candle.


A² Handcrafted Candles “Raw Hide” – $14.95

Anthony (A1) & Andrew (A2) began by hand-pouring candles at home for their day spa, Bodhi Massage & Wellness Center, in San Diego. Put these two together and you get A² Handcrafted Candles. Everything from the crops used to create the Non-GMO Soy Wax to the clean burning cotton wicks are 100% American. The fragrance oils used are also skin safe and non-toxic.  The “Raw Hide” candle comes in an 8 oz tumbler offering over 40 hours of burn time.



Each candle comes packaged in a Kraft box. Inside, there is a lidless glass tumbler with a heavy sturdy base with a rustic A2 sticker. The candle wax is a light brown color with a white wick. An initial whiff of the candle gives a very subtle hint of leather. It also reminds me of the smell in the air when ironing a crisp clean white cotton shirt in the morning. With the coming burn, there is a gentle throw with slight tones of freshly tanned leather with a deep inhale. This is a candle on the quieter side in scent and appearance and would be a great addition for someone who isn’t looking to change the smell of a room but rather to add a tone of masculinity to the air.


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