Stock & Barrel Accessories Review – $28, $35, & $55

Most often, it’s the little things in life that create the most pleasure. Small items that get used everyday often seem to go unnoticed…they just blend into life. So, it’s refreshing some times to “take stock” of the things you use and see how well they represent you and interact with the ebb and flow of your daily routine.


About Stock & Barrel

This is the second review published for Parker & Whitney Lichfield and their Utah based company, Stock & Barrel. We encourage you to read about their great, No. 32 Minimalist Satchel. Stock & Barrel is very focused on what they call their “Carry Well” philosophy. And, staying true to that mantra, the three accessories we are reviewing here – the No. 38 Cord Keeper, the No. 20 Card Holder, and No. 24 Notebook Cover – all live up perfectly to that ideal.



All three of these pieces are made from the same type of leather as the No. 32 Minimalist Satchel. These pieces also feature the same heavy gauge, waxed thread. Each piece is hand cut and hand sewn. The No. 20 Card Holder is visibly the most different since it features a cross-stitched pattern on each side of the piece. All three pieces keep to the “keep it simple” concept of Stock & Barrel.



It’s been fun to use all three of these well-made accessories. I’ve actually carried them pretty consistently since receiving them. I like all three pieces and have found them to be useful in my daily endeavors. Here’s a quick breakdown on each of them:


No. 38 Cord Keeper – an ingenious, helpful little piece. I hate having to always untangle my earbuds. I also find it irritating to have to fish around in my bag and attempt to pull them out in hopes of not dragging out other small items with them or causing the wiring to separate from pulling too hard. Once you get the positioning down right on how/where to start wrapping your headphones on the Cord Keeper, they quickly move from a “nice accessory” to a necessity. I’ll never leave home without them again. They’re an essential component to my EDC setup with any messenger bag I choose to carry from this point forward.




No. 20 Card Holder – this piece is extremely well-made and in my opinion, very visually appealing. I like the cross stitching and I like the simple closure. The thickness of the leather makes it somewhat difficult to use at first. And, it’s very limited in the number of cards it will hold. It just takes some time to get it stretched out and then it will accommodate enough cards and cash to make it a practical carry. Or, you can choose to use it as an awesome business card holder – which is how I’ve chosen to use it. It excels in this capacity too…easily holding enough business cards for most situations.




No. 24 Notebook Cover – sized perfectly for Field Notes on one side and a storage pocket on the other side, it’s a ruggedly simple piece. At first, it’s a little bulky given the design and thickness of the leather. I actually stuck it in-between two very old, heavy dictionaries I have in my office and let it sit in there for about a week. This compressed the whole piece nicely and since then, it’s been a great carry piece.



As you can see from the included images, all three pieces are very pleasing to the eye. The color of the leather is wonderful and the white stitching creates a nice contrast. Each piece features Stock & Barrel’s stamp placed tastefully. All three pieces – whether carried together or individually have elicited comments and questions from others.



Whether you’re carrying one of Stock & Barrel’s great looking satchels or looking to outfit yourself with a clever, well-made, very useful set of accessories for your mobile office, you can’t go wrong in purchasing any or all of these three pieces from Stock & Barrel. All 3 are reasonably priced: No. 38 Cord Keeper at $28, No. 20 Card Holder at $35, and No. 24 Notebook Cover at $55. Best of all, they will remain useful and durable for many years to come.

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