Wolfgang Horween Leather Collar & Leash Review – $99.95 & $69.95

Appollo, Hachiko, Laika, Rin Tin Tin. Dogs have definitely earned the title, “Man’s Best Friend.” Throughout the centuries their courage, loyalty and faithfulness have inspired many. Even though our canine companions don’t judge us on the material things we get for them, it’s satisfying providing them with quality goods for all the joy they bring us. In the search for a collar worthy of the family dog, I came across the Wolfgang Horween Leather Collar and Leash.

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Wolfgang was brought about by an adventurous team of canines (and their owners) with backgrounds in production. Whether experiencing life through exploring, skating, fishing, relaxing or any other manner of living, they all shared a common trait. They did these things together, man and beast. With an aim to celebrate that relationship they offer American made collars and leashes as well as a collection of wallets, belts, t-shirts and hoodies. I think Wolfgang puts it best when they say, “We build our products locally, transport them minimally, and they’ll be replaced rarely.”


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The products reviewed were the Wolfgang Horween Leather Collar and Leash. Wolfgang offers various sizes of collars and leashes to accommodate a wide range of breeds. Both are made with tan colored Horween full aniline Chromexcel leather. Hardware used is powder coated steel for excellent durability. Both the leash handle and interior collar are lined with supple glove leather for added comfort. All leather is joined with black stitching and the collar has steel rivets reinforcing the buckle and D ring. The Wolfgang logo hangs on a removable ring and the company’s branding adorns the collar and leash. The collar is about ¼” thick.


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The foul weather presented a great opportunity to test the collar and leash. Our Lab is a bit of a tugger but thanks to the wide collar she looked perfectly comfortable when I had to rein her in. It was below freezing and even without gloves the leash handle felt soft. The glove leather lining felt comfy, even when our Lab was pulling there was no harsh edges digging into my palm. The leash used was Wolfgang’s traffic lead, although they have leashes in 4 and 5 foot lengths. At 24” the traffic lead is good for keeping the dog close, especially useful in the city or high traffic areas. Thanks to the sturdy D Ring and metal hardware, at no time did I feel the leash would come detached from the collar and I found myself enjoying the walk that much more.


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The Wolfgang Horween Leather Collar and Leash are both visually appealing. The deep rich tones of the Chromexcel leather really offer a great contrast on our Lab’s coat. The two tone combination of leathers emphasize the quality and build effort. I can see this setup just looking better and better with age. Looks are only half the experience though, it’s a pretty hefty collar and just picking up the leash feels like picking up a trusted tool. Don’t be surprised if your dog gets some extra attention from other canines, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever was jealously inspecting the new gear.


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The assortment of dog collars and leashes available today can be overwhelming. With the vast amount of styles it can be daunting to pick one. The Wolfgang Horween Leather Collar and Leash stand out in their classic simplicity. With top notch materials and expert craftsmanship not often applied to pet goods, it’s almost a no brainer if you want the best for your four legged friend.


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