How to Choose Your Leather Bag for College


After securing admission into college it is expedient for the students to begin making arrangements for their resumption. Out of the arrangement, the plan is to purchase the right leather bag that will stand the test of time, durable and useful all through the years of study.


Why choose leather? Leather bags are known for their high durability, strength, flexibility, and resilience. From time immemorial, many people have spent hundreds of dollars and some up to thousands to purchase leather bags only to discover that the leathers are peeling off, breaking and some others shrinking a few weeks after the purchase.


In the past, every bag sample was associated with the history of its origin and students go for it based on their interest but in the recent technological age, we can see the shift in students’ desire. The point of consideration now is about how fashionable it is and its technological innovations.


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Many students make their choices on how appealing the bags are to them once it will give them a classic look and complement their styles on the outlook, but there are two basic things to consider when purchasing your leather bags. The purpose/needs for the bags and the make of the bag. 


The purpose/ needs for the bag

There are thousands of designs in the stores that will suit you, but you have to consider whether you need a bag that can carry heavy loads or just handy materials over a short distance. Based on this class we have backpack bags, tote bags, satchels bags, messenger bags, and leather boxes. 


Each of the bags samples varies in size, and they are the best fit for every purpose. For health consideration students should make use of backpacks for sizable loads at shorter distances, this is because it distributes weight across both shoulders as compared to tote bags and cross bags. Added to this is the comfort it gives to its consumers.


The make of the bag

College students should make an extra effort to study the physiological composition of the leather bags based on each of the following features:


 Type of Leather Used

There are two main types of leather for the bags, fully grained and bonded. The fully grained leather bags have an attractive patina with an appearance that looks weathered while aging. However, the bonded bags are made from already processed leather. They tend to shine brighter and are more attractive, but they do not show any strength when exposed to a little toxic condition, and also they don’t have value for the money spent on the purchase.


The Hardware

Most of the poorly manufactured leather bags have their hardware such as zip, buckles, metallic rings, shoulder strap fittings, and locks to be inferior in quality. Pay attention to this.


Where the bag originates from

You have to consider countries known for quality leather products from time. They make quality bags too. Among these countries are Germany, France, the USA, Italy, and England. 


Handiwork and Durability

On this note, you are to consider the leather for the bags and the type of stitching methods adopted. Fully grained leathers are always durable, and their stitching is not always noticeable as compared to the bonded leathers which usually have wobbled finishing.



Avoid bags with more than two colors as much as possible. The best bet color for bags is either black or brown in their various contrasts but too dark brown colored bags or chocolate colored bags should be avoided at all costs. A single-colored bag is the best.


To Sum Up

There are so many other factors to be considered when selecting your college leather bag, but the points above are a good guide for you to make a better choice. This will help you to save a lot of money and time. We wish you a happy resumption and a splendid academic year.


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