Hank’s Belts Old World Harness Leather Belt Review – $145

I love me a good belt. Most guys have just one belt, but I have a few. I like to leave them on clothing items I wear frequently. There’s my work jeans belt, my shorts belt, etc. I recently made the almost sinful decision of getting a nylon web belt for my everyday jeans. It was ridgid to a fault with little to no flex and would dig into my sides. Needless to say I tossed it and was back on the hunt for a manly belt to gird my loins with…and that’s when I came across Hank’s Belts Old World Harness Leather Belt.


Hanks Belts Old World Harness Bet commands a thick butcher cut of leather! Easily the thickest belt I’ve reviewed and of course full grain, I could give you measurements in millimeters or weight it on my postal scale but that just wouldn’t do justice to the substance of this baby. I’d estimate its thickness at about 2 Morgan Silver dollars stacked and weighs about as much as my 7 year old’s well fed hamster.

The belt is made from leather provided by Hermann Oak, we’ve featured their hides in the past, and it’s easy to see why they’ve been in business for well over 100 years. Hank’s did a  great job crafting the belt, the stitching is clean and tight and the buckle is stout. The grain pattern is simply beautiful and tells a story if you look closely enough.


A belt leads a very stoic life. It keeps your pants up. However, it can also do much more. Securing a firearm, tools, etc. While playing with my kids I would wrap the belt around a tree and swing from it. We’ve used it to carry bundles of wood when camping. This belt won’t bend under a heavy load, I’ve been working on a pavilion in the backyard and was hanging my impact drill, tape measure and utility knife from it, it did not roll or cave in whatsoever. And yes, my pants did in fact remain up.


This belt looks good on so many levels. The stitching is tidy and the thread is robust. The deep, rich colors of the leather contrast nicely with anything from chinos to denim. I like having  a versatile belt that pairs well with most pants and shorts as it assists in my keeping a minimal yet classy wardrobe. This belt will also look better with time as it develops a patina of creases, scrapes and whatever else life throws at it. You can even customize the belt if you have an Laser engraving machine.


After wearing Hank’s Belts Old World Harness Leather Belt for the past few weeks, I can say even among the top quality belts I’ve reviewed, it stands out. Absolutely bomb proof construction. The price is definitely steep as far as initial investments go. Go down to Macy’s though, a designer belt will put you back $50 and may last 5 years…with Hank’s Belts you can literally pass it down to your grandchildren.

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