What to Wear to a Casino? Pick Out Your Gambling Outfit

Most of us take casino nights for special occasions when we want to show off our good taste, relax, and enjoy the company of people we value. Many casinos have a specific dress code that must be followed by all patrons, so be sure to research this before you go out.

For example, the majority of casinos request that men wear a jacket and a tie and that ladies wear appropriate evening attire. But that doesn’t imply you need to wear a $10 million suit when betting. When determining what to wear, the atmosphere is a significant factor.

You’ll want to dress differently for a Las Vegas casino and Chinatown. While the online casinos have a pajama dress code!If you are interested in this one more, search through the reviews of casinotop.co.nz to locate the most reputable site, and simply enjoy. On the contrary, a casino night is a fantastic excuse to get to wear your favorite outfits and enjoy your time at the poker table. Let’s dive into our selection and help you make the best pick!

Perfect Casino Dress Code – Main Rules

When choosing a casino, it is recommended that you first check out their website. There is no universally accepted dress code, and different occasions will require different outfits and dresses.

In any case, there are specific guidelines for acceptable attire that gamblers should keep in mind. Wearing a black tie and a coat with jeans is always good enough. For women, you can always go in dresses. However, there are certain rules you shouldn’t break:

  • Avoid flip flops at any cost
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and look new
  • Avoid shorts after the evening
  • Check the dress code for the casino amenities
  • Fancy casinos require fancy outfits

Casino Attire Options

There are so many options – how do you make the perfect pick? You can learn the terminology in the top online casinos, but what about the dress code? It always depends on the casino. 

We’ve compiled a list of clothing options to choose from. There are many suitable outfits that will keep you on the theme. Fortunately, there isn’t a lot that can go wrong if you don’t break the rules mentioned above.


Gambling establishments are often lenient with dress codes. As long as you maintain a neat appearance, a casual outfit is quite acceptable. The appropriate attire is specified below.

During the day, gentlemen may wear shorts, even though it’s not advisable. But during the night, it’s preferable to go for t-shirts and jeans. The colors and patterns don’t matter much, as you’re casually dressed. 

While ladies can enter in skirts with stockings, sundresses and almost anything else during the day. However, shorts aren’t accepted during the night. Of course, jeans and khakis are perfectly fine, too.


Semi-formal casino clothing elevates your appearance. It is also always accepted everywhere.

Men can wear trousers or a suit. A tie would go too far for semi-formal attire, though. While women have to wear dresses and skirts. The shoes are either heels or sandals most of the time. It would be best to pick darker clothes if you’re going during the night.

Business Casual

Business casual can vary depending on the city, culture, and casino. If you don’t know what to wear, it would be good to go more formal rather than too casual. The tried-and-true combination of a sweater, shirt, belt, black shoes, dark socks, and khakis never fails to impress. While a skirt or dress, shirt, jacket, and closed-toe shoes constitute suitable business attire for a lady.

Business Formal

If we had to rank the most formal clothing, then this one would win the award. Specifically, a suit is required for this style, whereas the business professional wears acceptable clothing for the office. Follow your gut for the best formal dress code, and make sure the clothes are nice, straight, and pressed.

Black Tie

Black-tie is required for entry to some areas and events inside a casino. Such as the high roller lounge, memorable plays put on by the casino, and evening events.

Typically, ladies are expected to dress formally for nighttime events with smart shoes.

However, men often wear black leather shoes, a black dinner jacket, and of course, a tie. Additionally, this option recommends a black waistcoat and a white dress shirt to finish it off.

James Bond in Casino Royale (movie) is a perfect example to find and visualize this attire. He’s wearing everything just as we have explained – all in black with a white shirt.

White Tie

Major award ceremonies, such as banquets or nobility celebrations, often need white tie attire. Women are expected to wear floor-length evening gowns, long white gloves, tiny clutches, and elaborate jewelry when the event calls for this attire.

White shirts with wing collars, buttons, and cufflinks are required for men. White or gray gloves and a white vest are a perfect addition to the attire. Not to mention the black shoes – they are essential.

Differences Between Day and Night Outfits in a Casino

The options may be limited, depending on whether it’s daytime or nighttime. The casino is more relaxed during the day, and you can enter in casual attire. Sports t-shirts and trousers are good enough.

After dark, you should ditch that attire and jump into a more conventional setting, such as a button-down or collared shirts.

If you’re going to the nightclub, you should probably verify in advance what the ambiance is like to avoid standing in a long queue just to be refused on your way in. The attire selection may be different when compared to the casino. 


Your attire always depends on the current circumstances. It may be perfectly fine to play slot machines with your everyday wear. But if you’re going into the VIP lounge, you’ll have to come in a business suit. Or at least something formal, like the ones we’ve mentioned above.

But don’t plan your attire according to the casino. Keep in mind the other amenities you’d like to visit. If you’re going to a nightclub, you may also have to comply with their requirements. However, you can always find the balance between the two.

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