How to Style Leather Clothes and Accessories in 2022

How to Style Leather Clothes and Accessories in 2022

As hard as it is to say goodbye to summer, the crisp, cool weather is upon the temperate parts of the world. A perennial favorite for curating stylish outfits is the classic material, leather. It’s a staple often associated with the cooler months. Still, leather accessories have also become hero wardrobe pieces for spring and summer, especially the little stuff like bags, belts, and trinkets. 

And, of course, one will find an array of iconic leather pieces to combat the cold, such as jackets, pants, tight skirts, and coats. Now that the cooler weather is up in the year as the world prepares to bid farewell to 2022, it’s time to bring out modern animal hide must-haves to spruce up different OOTDs (outfits of the day). Check out this mini guide to this season’s leather trends to help curate a fab autumn and winter wardrobe. 

Styling the Classic Leather Jacket

This type of jacket is one of the quintessential and versatile pieces that individuals must have in their wardrobe. This material provides a stunning silhouette and can make any person look put together. Check out the different types of leather jackets below: 


  • Classic slim cut fit with buttons 
  • One button blazer
  • Sporty zippered biker jacket with a loose fit
  • Unique quilted jacket
  • Colored jacket


Now is the time to forget homework and start shopping for outfits to ward off the cold. Let go of worries and copy your best friend who said, “I just hire someone for essay writing help to make my life easy.” From there, go shopping and choose a single or double-breasted jacket. Those looking for a smart, stylish, and tailored look will love a slim-cut blazer with sharp lapels. Even oversized cuts work as long as they’re paired with fitted tops. 


Those who want a more statement piece can opt for a biker jacket. Think exaggerated collars and shiny hardware that exude a modern edge. Neutrals like black, brown, and beige can mix with many different outfits. But those who want to stand out can choose a vibrant pop of color like red and royal blue. 

Cover Up with a Leather Trench Coat

The trench coat style looks very classy as it skims the body, so it has become a key wardrobe staple. Anyone who wears a trench coat looks elegant, put-together, and professional. Those who desire to amp up the ante and strive for a more contemporary look need a leather trench coat in their closet. Check out the most amazing trench coat colors below: 


  • Black
  • Brown
  • Copper
  • Camel


When choosing this type of trench coat, it’s best to stick to neutral hues. Since this style has a floor-sweeping length, selecting muted tones for this look works better as they won’t hurt the eyes. For best results, go for a minimalistic design, as these are the most versatile pieces. They can be paired with work jeans, dresses, and dress pants. Those who want a unique look for their trench can opt for zippered seams, cool buttons, patent accents, or shearling trims on the collar to create texture and visual interest. 

Sophisticated Leather Top  

Another sophisticated piece to add to a cutting-edge wardrobe is a leather top. It enhances anyone’s look while providing subtle notes of luxury. No matter the style of the top, this lends sophisticated and timeless elegance to the wearer. For fresh updates on this kind of top, take note of the following eye-catching details: 


  • Puffed shoulders
  • Cinched waist 
  • Ribbon accents
  • Billow sleeves 


A modern leather top is perfect for work, a dinner date, or other social events. Fashion influencers often mix this with different bottoms for an avant-garde look. Think jeans, frilly skirts, shorts, leggings, and dress pants. Their style combinations are infinite.


Versatile Animal Hide Bottoms

Those looking for wardrobe staples need leather bottoms, like pants, shorts, or skirts. It’s good for anyone to own different animal hide pants because this equates to having a bottom for any mood and occasion. Owning the pants in a broad range of finishes such as classic, matte, butter-soft calfskin to super shiny patent provides choices. These types of pants come in a variety of silhouettes, such as: 


  • High-rise trouser
  • Skinny fit
  • Straight-leg 
  • Pleated high-waist 
  • Low-cut
  • Loose fit
  • Cropped length


Shorts made from these fab hide materials are also stylish since they work with tailored coats, silk tops, and plush knits. Shorts also come in different styles, like pants and various shades, from neutrals to deeper jewel tones. Pair the shorts with tall boots for a winning combo. 


And finally, animal skin skirts also deserve a spot in anyone’s wardrobe. These combine an edgy look with the feminine style. Think flirty a-line shapes with stunning pleats to form-fitting tailored pencil skirts. Pair these tasteful skirts with a fitted turtleneck, flowy silk blouse, or an oversized sweater with a cinched belt. 


Move in Style and Make a Statement

With the right accessories, any person can walk into the room with eyes on them. Today, handbags, belts, briefcases, shoes, and even leather jewelry like cuffs and necklaces make a statement. First impressions matter, especially in the professional world, so it helps to show up with curated pieces that exude an elegant flair. 


Showing up with flimsy bags or worn-out belts sends the wrong impression when meeting people. Those dressed to the nines will not look put-together with shabby accessories. Investing in small, high-quality leather accessories makes a world of difference. 


Final Thoughts 

Leather is a fashion must-have; that’s why this material has been around since time immemorial. No matter if it’s jackets, shoes, bags, etc., there’s no denying that leather can quickly amplify the vibes of anyone’s wardrobe. Whether someone is fashion-obsessed or an average Joe, leather garments and accessories equate to luxe fabrication that creates a supremely stylish and modern look. 


Since this material is super versatile, comes in different colors, styles, and materials, and works with other fabrics, having this in one’s wardrobe opens a world of choices. In addition, investing in various pieces provides individuals with options ranging from casual to elegant. Best of all, leather can last in the wardrobe for many years. 

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