Guideline to Buy a Cheaper Yet High Quality Leather Jacket


Buying a men’s leather jacket that is both inexpensive and high quality is everyone’s dream, however, you cannot find it everywhere. People everywhere are looking for a jacket that they can wear all year long but mostly in winter to combat the harsh weather. There is a few menswear that comes with the attitude and leather jacket for men are one of them. It would not be wrong to say they are quite synonymous with motorcycles, pilots, and punks. It is both versatile and classic and perfect outerwear for the men, and not to forget the high testosterone menswear as well 

Dealing with the strong winter winds without any support is not easy, you need something that can give you comfort along with some kind of fashion statement as well. If you are not following any fashion statement and are just regularly wearing the okayish and not-so-amazing jacket, you do not feel your confident self even particularly if you are at a party or some event. Earlier in the 1900s brown leather jackets were worn by aviators and pilots, most notably the fighter men in WWI.

Nevertheless, no matter how much we talk about wearing a jacket, choosing a leather jacket for men that is both of top-notch quality and not so heavy on the pocket as well is kind of tricky. Whenever and wherever you find a good quality jacket you would always see an expensive price tag attached to it. However, if you shop from Real Leather Garments, you would see no such thing. 


1)  Leather Quality- the Most Important Step

One of the most important things throughout your shopping journey is to check the leather type and quality. However, choosing the right fabric can be crucial and difficult for someone who does not know how to choose the right one, but once you get a hang of it, shopping for a leather jacket becomes very easy. If you are not aware of the peculiarities of the quality of the leather jacket, you might end up getting scammed or buying something that is not of great value. You must invest in something that does not only look good but also yield good and effective results as well.

2) Leather Skin the Main Decider

When you are considering the quality, the first thing that you must think about is the animal skin, that your leather jacket would be made up of. However, it is entirely a subjective matter and depends hugely upon the available budget. While there are various animals from which the leather jacket manufacturers obtain skins, lamb, calfskins, cow, sheep, and goat are a few big ones that are expensive and quite heavy on the pocket. The exotic leather includes Crocodile, Kangaroo, and Pig, these are expensive and of high quality.

If you are looking for something that is light on the pocket but high in quality, there is no better option for you than a cowhide. It is known for strength, and harshness and is pretty durable as well. The biker jackets are usually made up of cowhide.

3) Leather Type/ Grading Can be a Game Changer

The second most important element to decide on is to check the grading along with the leather type. There are generally three kinds of leather which include Full grain, top grain, and corrected leather as well. The overall hide is generally used in Full grain leather in its own state along with the scars, patterns, and marks which are retained and not altered at all. These are higher in price as with time it ages quite well. If you are looking for a good jacket and price is not the issue, you know what leather type you must go for 😉.

On the other hand, the corrected grain is kind of low in quality but they can be processed to make it look like higher and better grades. 

4) Lesser Panels are Cheaper

It is generally known that the jackets that are made with fewer and lesser panels make fewer joints and are more expensive than the regular jacket that is made with forming many joints and many panels. There are many exceptions though, where a jacket that has many panels and forms different joints is also expensive because of the embroidery, embellishment, and detailing on it. The more designed and detailed your jacket is, the more expensive it will be. However, you can make the exception, if you are looking for something cheaper you can go for less detailing and embellishments. In order to cut prices, the manufacturers make different jackets using the leftovers, you can choose from them too. 

5) Choose the right Inner Lining Fabric

The inner lining is the extra layer of fabric that adds more weight to the jacket. It allows you to firmly tug the whole jacket down on your shoulder and makes a smooth fall from up to down. Moreover, it further absorbs sweat in most of the cases and is pretty warm and soft eventually making it perfect wear for comfortable wearing. Most people do not realize that they do have the option of choosing the inner lining fabric, they can go either plain or quilted or just remove the entire lining altogether. However, the kind of fabric that you go for can have an impact on the pricing.


Incorporate these tips and tricks in your next leather jacket for men’s shopping and see how you get the best jacket of your life!


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