Is a Leather Pouch Suitable for Storing Cannabis

Since marijuana has become more popular, more and more people have thought about ways to store weed. How to keep this “freshness” of the weed longer and not turn the treat into junk? What’s more, the popularization of weed has contributed to the development of a market that sells more and more sophisticated products for weed lovers. What is the best way to store weed? Is it possible to store cannabis in a leather case?

Why Properly Store Marijuana?

When you buy weed, potency and taste are important factors. It is these qualities of marijuana that can be preserved with proper storage.

Rules are also in place to keep marijuana out of the reach of children or animals by keeping buds out of their reach.

Likewise, storage conditions are essential because, for example, a wet container can make your Birthday Cake weed strain unusable, as the weed can become moldy.

How Not to Store Marijuana?

Plastic bags

Zip bags are a very convenient option. However, this is far from the best way to store marijuana. Over time, the weed begins to lose its taste, and its potency drops significantly. Moreover, such a container can collect moisture, which provokes mold in marijuana flowers.

However, a vacuum-sealed bag is a good alternative. The absence of air and the reliability of the packaging will keep your weed longer.

However, in the case of flowers, everything changes. Frost makes the buds brittle and robs them of their good qualities. Also, the thawing process can cause mold in marijuana, as the flowers will be in a wet state.

Tobacco Humidor

The best choice is a special humidor for marijuana. It’s all about the material. The tobacco humidor is made from cedar wood, and this greatly affects the original taste of the cannabis. The weed humidor is made from mahogany, which does not affect cannabis in any way.

Myths about Storing Cannabis

Many people believe that cold conditions can seriously ruin your buds. People used to believe that you could freeze edibles only. Your cookies or brownies may last longer (if you don’t want to eat all the sweets right away). Then you can put them in the freezer, and then their shelf life will be longer.

However, today’s scientific experiments have shown that freezing contributes to the preservation of cannabinoids. The study itself lasted 4 years, forcing even researchers to change their minds about how to store marijuana.

What Storage Conditions Does Cannabis Need?

  • Keep the temperature in the container at medium. It is important not to overdry the buds and not cool them over too. High temperature increases humidity and promotes mold growth. And dry buds smoke much worse. But low temperatures affect decarboxylation, which directly relates to the potency of weed.
  • Humidity must also be controlled. Keep the humidity level below 65% to avoid mold growth. However, don’t make the room too dry, as this will dry out all the essential oils from the cannabis.
  • We also recommend that you ensure the lighting is not too overbearing. UV light destroys many materials, so it is best not to use this type of light for cannabis.

What Is the Best Way to Store Marijuana?

The best option is a non-humid place, away from sunlight. Glass or metal containers are great for storage. Another perfect way to store weed is using a leather case. It is not that widespread among consumers as it should be. Leather is a natural material that can keep your cannabis safe and is comfortable to use.

You can store cannabis in airtight containers that minimize the exposure of marijuana to the air.

Can You Store Weed in a Leather Case?

Yes, you can. It is a great option in many cases.

Ground cannabis has a shorter shelf life than whole flowers. Therefore, chopped marijuana should not lie on your shelf for a long time. A leather case is not the best choice for ground weed.

You can use a leather case for large cannabis flowers, but remember that the case must be at the right storage temperature. The bundle should not be in the sun. Moreover, you must ensure that the case is securely closed.

A great option is to store the joints in a leather bundle. Joints keep well in such conditions. However, it is worth considering that ground cannabis does not retain its potency and smell for long.

Bottom Line

Choose suitable storage methods to extend the shelf life of your weed. A leather bundle is one of the best ways to store cannabis. Besides, you can always choose a good quality design that suits you best.

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