ColsenKeane No. 215 – Small Travel Case Review – $110

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One of the driving motivations behind this site is to connect people and products, but not just any product to any person. In a world full of disposables, it’s refreshing to simplify and focus on quality over quantity. We want to showcase goods for the person who wants to buy the best and only cry once. I had the opportunity to handle one such product, a clever case that has become indispensable when traveling – The  ColsenKeane No. 215 – Small Travel Case 


Ever look at the back of a bag of Doritos and shudder at all the bizarre components of a flavored tortilla chip? Well, you’ll be relieved to find the ColsenKeane No. 215 Small Travel Case is made of 2 ingredients: Leather and Brass – Or to be more precise American sourced Full Grain Chrome Tanned Cowhide.

We see brass rivets at all critical stress zones and two hefty prong buckles.with keepers. Measures about 8”x4”x3” and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. 


At a cursory glance you might just see a very handsome dopp kit, but then you’d be robbing this little case of all the utility it presents. I load it with cables, clothing and even fruit a few times. The heavy duty buckles are a bit overkill and can sometimes make retrieving items more of a hassle but they also offer maximum security from loose items getting out.

The size is a great balance in terms of fitting things in, without taking up precious real estate in your backpack or luggage. Right now my daughter is storing color pencils in it for art, and last week it was full of scavenger hunt items. My point is, thanks to the build quality of this bag it will serve in multiple capacities for decades to come.


ColsenKeane really utilizes K.I.S.S principle with the small travel case, and in doing so have crafted a superbly clean looking product. This case looks good at all times and from all angles. The marriage of top quality leather and master craftsmanship is readily apparent when handling and observing the case. There’s really nothing to critique so I’ll keep mum and let the pictures do the talking.


It’s pretty rare when I come across a product I like so much I actively try to find new ways to use it. ColsenKeane’s No. 215 – Small Travel Case is a jack of all trades. With the ability to securely and stylishly round up all your paraphernalia, you’ll find yourself wondering what you were doing all this time. The price is fairly reasonable as well, keep in mind the buckle closure isn’t as convenient as a zipper – But that’s why this will last decades as opposed to years. 

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