Roger Ximenez Americana Pebble Belt Review – $199

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Next to wallets, belts are probably the most reviewed products we see. While most of them are of stellar quality, they have difficulty standing out. More often than not a fun belt is a novelty belt and a cheap throwaway. Needless to say, it was a treat to get my hands on a belt that really stands out, and is also of the highest quality. Check out our review of the Roger Ximenez Americana Pebble Belt, possibly the best American Flag belt in existence. 


I always found it ironic seeing an American flag modeled product made in another country. I was quite pleased to see that the Americana Pebble belt is made right here in the United States of Italian leather. A full grain black Italian calf leather is used for the exterior while a durable nubuck lining is found on the interior.

The heft buckle is a Palladium plated and solid Brass. The stitching is tight and even all along the belt and the finish is quite nice.


A belt is a belt is a belt, right? Sometimes. Roger Ximenez Americana Pebble belt will keep your pants up for sure. The 1.5” strap  will keep your trousers in check and won’t slide around your belt loops. You could holster tool pouches and firearms from this and not worry about your belt caving in.

The very soft leather is comfortable and won’t pinch or gouge you when bending over like stiff nylon belts will, it feels like more of an extension of your pants. A good belt should go unnoticeable when in use, and that is exactly how this one functions. 


Versatility is important with belts. The stars and stripes go great with a vast variety of pants and shorts. I normally don’t tuck my shirts in, but I just can’t let that solid brass and old glory go unnoticed. Even in more formal business attire, it adds just enough levity and individualism shine through without being too loud. This belt really delivers during summer BBQs and days at the lake. Everyone loves it..and if they don’t, they get a roundhouse to the chin, right? 



At 199.00 this belt is not cheap, but after extensive research it is the premiere American Flag belt that is actually made in the USA. The styling, fit and finish are everything you’d expect for a belt that demands such a premium. The incredibly supple leather is very comfortable and this belt gets noticed everywhere you go. Simply put, we think the Roger Ximenez Americana Pebble Belt is a great product to gird your loins with.

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