ColsenKeane No. 215 – Small Travel Case Review – $110

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One of the driving motivations behind this site is to connect people and products, but not just any product to any person. In a world full of disposables, it’s refreshing to simplify and focus on quality over quantity. We want to showcase goods for the person who wants to buy the best and only cry once. I had the opportunity to handle one such product, a clever case that has become indispensable when traveling – The  ColsenKeane No. 215 – Small Travel Case 


Ever look at the back of a bag of Doritos and shudder at all the bizarre components of a flavored tortilla chip? Well, you’ll be relieved to find the ColsenKeane No. 215 Small Travel Case is made of 2 ingredients: Leather and Brass – Or to be more precise American sourced Full Grain Chrome Tanned Cowhide.

We see brass rivets at all critical stress zones and two hefty prong buckles.with keepers. Measures about 8”x4”x3” and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. 


At a cursory glance you might just see a very handsome dopp kit, but then you’d be robbing this little case of all the utility it presents. I load it with cables, clothing and even fruit a few times. The heavy duty buckles are a bit overkill and can sometimes make retrieving items more of a hassle but they also offer maximum security from loose items getting out.

The size is a great balance in terms of fitting things in, without taking up precious real estate in your backpack or luggage. Right now my daughter is storing color pencils in it for art, and last week it was full of scavenger hunt items. My point is, thanks to the build quality of this bag it will serve in multiple capacities for decades to come.


ColsenKeane really utilizes K.I.S.S principle with the small travel case, and in doing so have crafted a superbly clean looking product. This case looks good at all times and from all angles. The marriage of top quality leather and master craftsmanship is readily apparent when handling and observing the case. There’s really nothing to critique so I’ll keep mum and let the pictures do the talking.


It’s pretty rare when I come across a product I like so much I actively try to find new ways to use it. ColsenKeane’s No. 215 – Small Travel Case is a jack of all trades. With the ability to securely and stylishly round up all your paraphernalia, you’ll find yourself wondering what you were doing all this time. The price is fairly reasonable as well, keep in mind the buckle closure isn’t as convenient as a zipper – But that’s why this will last decades as opposed to years. 

Orox Leather Co. Medicus Dopp Review – $190

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Orox Leather at Since our last review of the Classic Bifold Wallet in May 2014, Orox Leather has been busy designing and producing even more quality leather goodies for the sophisticated consumer. This family-operated business spares no effort to create their beautiful flagship all-leather Dopp keeping in line with the classic and durable styling of their other travel items.



All Orox goods are handmade in Portland Oregon. The Medicus Dopp is made from a single slab of nice THICK Horween Chromexcel while the accent leather pieces are English Bridle leather. The heavy-duty #10 YKK brass zipper is stitched into place with two adjacent strips of darker brown leather, ending with a pull tab on one end and a looped handle on the other. Other than the YKK zipper, this bad boy is ALL leather. The Orox Leather logo is debossed onto the majority of one side of the Dopp. Inside, there is no lining and there is an additional Orox stamp of approval at the bottom.

OroxDopp03 OroxDopp04



This Dopp measures in at 12’’x6.5’’x5’’. While it isn’t the largest Dopp out there, it is definitely on the larger side. It is able to fit my full size deodorant, sunblock, disposable razor, electric toothbrush with case, toothpaste, shaving gel, and floss with room to spare for a tube of hair product or cologne and then any smaller travel-sized items to cram in the rounded corners and dead space. The zippered top is an easy in and easy out. Probably the biggest I’ve seen on a toiletry bag, this zipper feels and looks like it is indestructible and would work equally well on full size luggage bags. Most importantly, this single piece of soft leather is shaped into the correct form for a Dopp – wide flat base for stability with a rounded dome for easy access and viewing of your possessions while maximizing space for large and smaller items.


Because there is no easy-clean waterproof lining in the Dopp kit, it is important to be aware of keeping your more dangerous items like toothpaste, pressurized shaving cream, etc., well capped or in a Ziploc bag – or you can say WHO CARES ABOUT THE INSIDE?! and just enjoy your kit knowing the outside is really the eye-candy.


Here is where this Dopp kit sits itself apart. The high oil content of this leather makes it supple with beautiful pull-up qualities at the same time. Each bend and curve changes the brownish/chestnut hues making the leather seem much more rich than standard dyed leathers. If you think it’s too pretty to use as a Dopp kit, don’t worry. The company says this oiled leather is “scratch proof.” I haven’t tried to purposely scratch it but I still can’t find a blemish after having tossed it around in a bag with other items for two days. This Dopp is also available in natural color.




At $190, the Orox Medicus Dopp kit is an expensive toiletry bag for sure, but this is no off-the-shelf, mass-produced, throw-away product that most people settle for. When you have a company that picks the right kind of tanned leather, architecturally designed into the right shape while using tougher than necessary hardware, you’re obviously getting a quality product that’s worth investing a little more.


Blue Claw Co. De Gaulle Dopp Review – $90

Blue Claw Co. started in 2010 after an extended overseas trip with the goal of producing modest yet durable luggage goods which could survive any trip. The Blue Claw name comes from the blue crabs of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland as all products from the initial line came with a waterproof blue lining.  All products are American through and through – quality American materials put together in America and shipped throughout the U.S.A for free.



The De Gaulle Dopp is a blend of thick waxed canvas and  full-grain cowhide leather. The charcoal canvas is a heavy 14.7 oz. 100% cotton fabric impregnanted with Martexin wax. Martexin Original Wax is an American product comprised of non-hazardous food and pharmaceutical grade waxes. The base leather is a supple yet hefty slab of full-grain goodness which adds weight to the bottom and helps the dopp keep its shape. This soft, minimally-treated leather is proprietary only to the Blue Claw Co. and will not be found anywhere else. Blue Claw Co. has been able to leverage their size and scale to develop their own leather customized from finish, weight, and grade, to the location of where the cow was raised.



Even with all the attention paid to the leather, the hardware is just as important. All hardware is solid brass supplied domestically and customized for color of plating, base metal, and design. A heavy-duty YKK zipper with leather pull-tab keeps your items safely secured and allows for easy opening and closing. Leather end tabs can also be unsnapped to add even more space and make stuffing this large dopp easier. Inside the dopp, the signature blue liner provides a water resistant and easy-to-clean barrier. For the guy-on-the-go, a quick wipe of a sponge will keep this dopp looking sharp for ages to come.



This thick, supple full-grain leather is proprietary to Blue Claw Co.


Let’s face it. A dopp kit is meant for functionality and is usually tucked away in your luggage. So when it comes to a dopp kit, the two most important things are size and durability. Fortunately, the De Gaulle Dopp succeeds in both areas. This large dopp measures 10″L x 5.5″W x 6″H and is more than enough to carry a week’s worth of toiletries including toothpaste and electric razors without having to compromise with only using sample or travel size items. The waxed canvas is easy to clean and water-resistant and so is the blue interior lining which protects against accidental spills, toothpaste gunk, and exploding canisters.



The dopp is a humble bag with stunningly good looks. The waxed canvas is thick with beautiful texture and shading at every bend and wrinkle. The brown leather is buttery soft and adds sophistication to the overall look, much like leather elbow patches on a gentleman’s tweed suit. On the inside the pop of cobalt blue adds some modern flare to a classic design. The De Gaulle Dopp comes in four colors – charcoal, navy, british tan, and olive. For an extra $20, the bag can be personalized for some added custom luxury.



At $90, the Blue Claw Co. De Gaulle Dopp is a perfect blend of form and function, well worth it for any sophisticated traveller. This all-American travel companion will easily last a lifetime and only get more beautifully burnished with time and use.