Blue Claw Co. De Gaulle Dopp Review – $90

Blue Claw Co. started in 2010 after an extended overseas trip with the goal of producing modest yet durable luggage goods which could survive any trip. The Blue Claw name comes from the blue crabs of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland as all products from the initial line came with a waterproof blue lining.  All products are American through and through – quality American materials put together in America and shipped throughout the U.S.A for free.



The De Gaulle Dopp is a blend of thick waxed canvas and  full-grain cowhide leather. The charcoal canvas is a heavy 14.7 oz. 100% cotton fabric impregnanted with Martexin wax. Martexin Original Wax is an American product comprised of non-hazardous food and pharmaceutical grade waxes. The base leather is a supple yet hefty slab of full-grain goodness which adds weight to the bottom and helps the dopp keep its shape. This soft, minimally-treated leather is proprietary only to the Blue Claw Co. and will not be found anywhere else. Blue Claw Co. has been able to leverage their size and scale to develop their own leather customized from finish, weight, and grade, to the location of where the cow was raised.



Even with all the attention paid to the leather, the hardware is just as important. All hardware is solid brass supplied domestically and customized for color of plating, base metal, and design. A heavy-duty YKK zipper with leather pull-tab keeps your items safely secured and allows for easy opening and closing. Leather end tabs can also be unsnapped to add even more space and make stuffing this large dopp easier. Inside the dopp, the signature blue liner provides a water resistant and easy-to-clean barrier. For the guy-on-the-go, a quick wipe of a sponge will keep this dopp looking sharp for ages to come.



This thick, supple full-grain leather is proprietary to Blue Claw Co.


Let’s face it. A dopp kit is meant for functionality and is usually tucked away in your luggage. So when it comes to a dopp kit, the two most important things are size and durability. Fortunately, the De Gaulle Dopp succeeds in both areas. This large dopp measures 10″L x 5.5″W x 6″H and is more than enough to carry a week’s worth of toiletries including toothpaste and electric razors without having to compromise with only using sample or travel size items. The waxed canvas is easy to clean and water-resistant and so is the blue interior lining which protects against accidental spills, toothpaste gunk, and exploding canisters.



The dopp is a humble bag with stunningly good looks. The waxed canvas is thick with beautiful texture and shading at every bend and wrinkle. The brown leather is buttery soft and adds sophistication to the overall look, much like leather elbow patches on a gentleman’s tweed suit. On the inside the pop of cobalt blue adds some modern flare to a classic design. The De Gaulle Dopp comes in four colors – charcoal, navy, british tan, and olive. For an extra $20, the bag can be personalized for some added custom luxury.



At $90, the Blue Claw Co. De Gaulle Dopp is a perfect blend of form and function, well worth it for any sophisticated traveller. This all-American travel companion will easily last a lifetime and only get more beautifully burnished with time and use.

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