ColsenKeane No. 215 – Small Travel Case Review – $110

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One of the driving motivations behind this site is to connect people and products, but not just any product to any person. In a world full of disposables, it’s refreshing to simplify and focus on quality over quantity. We want to showcase goods for the person who wants to buy the best and only cry once. I had the opportunity to handle one such product, a clever case that has become indispensable when traveling – The  ColsenKeane No. 215 – Small Travel Case 


Ever look at the back of a bag of Doritos and shudder at all the bizarre components of a flavored tortilla chip? Well, you’ll be relieved to find the ColsenKeane No. 215 Small Travel Case is made of 2 ingredients: Leather and Brass – Or to be more precise American sourced Full Grain Chrome Tanned Cowhide.

We see brass rivets at all critical stress zones and two hefty prong buckles.with keepers. Measures about 8”x4”x3” and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. 


At a cursory glance you might just see a very handsome dopp kit, but then you’d be robbing this little case of all the utility it presents. I load it with cables, clothing and even fruit a few times. The heavy duty buckles are a bit overkill and can sometimes make retrieving items more of a hassle but they also offer maximum security from loose items getting out.

The size is a great balance in terms of fitting things in, without taking up precious real estate in your backpack or luggage. Right now my daughter is storing color pencils in it for art, and last week it was full of scavenger hunt items. My point is, thanks to the build quality of this bag it will serve in multiple capacities for decades to come.


ColsenKeane really utilizes K.I.S.S principle with the small travel case, and in doing so have crafted a superbly clean looking product. This case looks good at all times and from all angles. The marriage of top quality leather and master craftsmanship is readily apparent when handling and observing the case. There’s really nothing to critique so I’ll keep mum and let the pictures do the talking.


It’s pretty rare when I come across a product I like so much I actively try to find new ways to use it. ColsenKeane’s No. 215 – Small Travel Case is a jack of all trades. With the ability to securely and stylishly round up all your paraphernalia, you’ll find yourself wondering what you were doing all this time. The price is fairly reasonable as well, keep in mind the buckle closure isn’t as convenient as a zipper – But that’s why this will last decades as opposed to years. 

Popov Toiletry Bag Review – $89

A lot of people might see a toiletry bag, or the ‘Dopp kit’ as it’s often called, as a luxury item. After all, what does it really do that a simple Ziploc can’t? And there’s truth to that. But, like a lot of leather products, utility isn’t the only value these bags offer. In this case, I think a great dopp kit shows how much a man cares about the stuff he’s traveling with, wether it be his suit or his toothbrush.

When I got the opportunity to review Toiletry Bag from Popov Leather, I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve gotten the chance to use it over a couple of weekends now and I think it’s a great item. The simple design and beautiful leather make the bag worth every penny.

The handle is made of Bridle leather from Wickett and Craig

Before I start with the details, I think it’s worthwhile to share some brief history about these bags. The term ‘Dopp kit’ first appeared in the early 1900’s. The bags were originally produced by Charles Doppelt, a German leather maker and designer. Soon after, the US military adopted the style and produced them for soldiers, so they could quickly store and access small hygiene and personal items. After World War II, the bag started gaining popularity among the general population. Now, let’s get into the bag.


Like the other pieces I’ve seen from Popov leather, the design of the kit is pretty straightforward. As best as I can tell, the bag only uses four separate pieces of leather. The body is composed of two cuts of Chromexcel, with the edges and seams folded and sewn on the inside. There’ss a single loop sitting on one side, cut from the same leather. On the opposite side is a handle that extends along the width of the kit. As I suspected, Ryan confirmed that the handle is made of Bridle leather from Wicket and Craig, and is noticeably thicker than the rest of the bag.

One of the most notable features of the dopp kit is that the leather has an incredibly soft temper, which I found to be convenient. It’s firm enough to hold its shape when sitting (mostly due to the folds, stitching, and zipper). But if you need to stuff it into a packed suitcase, it’ll bend and curve as needed. Overall, the bag keeps a good balance between weight and functionality.


Hopefully, the accompanying pictures are doing their job here. The color of the kit I received is called “English Tan Derby,” which is a fantastic blend of brown tones. As you can tell, the highs and lows provide the bag with some texture. The inward facing folds give the bag a clean look – the only visible stitching on the exterior runs parallel to the zipper, giving it a sleek border.


The Toiletry Bag from Popov Leather is a great buy. It has a simple design and build, and just enough character to stand out. I don’t expect everyone to go out and buy a dopp kit, but I do think anyone can appreciate it. As I mentioned earlier, keeping your most mundane items enveloped in an elegant piece of leather is a simple way to express your care and class.

Range Leather Co. Travellr XL Kickstarter – First Impressions

Range Leather Co. returns to the crowdfunding scene with a new, larger version of their Travellr dopp kit, and they’ve sent us one to give you our first impressions. This quality leather toiletry bag is made with thick Horween leather that looks fantastic and will do a great job holding and protecting all of your essentials. They also have an active Kickstarter campaign that will allow you to pick one of these up when you pledge at least $100. You can check out their Kickstarter page here.

About Range Leather Co.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Range Leather Co. quite a bit here at BestLeather, from several reviews (including the original Travellr) to our exclusive three-part interview with founder Kyle Koster. In their workshop is in Laramie, Wyoming, they make products by hand that will “wear in, not out.” Check out the Range Leather Co. website to see their variety of everyday-carry and grooming leather products.

Construction & Leather

The Travellr XL is a very rugged dopp kit, made with thick, full grained Horween Buccaneer leather. There’s really no question that your items will be very well protected. Buccaneer is a pull-up leather. Not only does it have a slight color change effect when pulled, but this means that the waxes it has been stuffed with will help it resist water. Water splashed on the outside of this dopp will roll right off. It’s worth noting that no leather that hasn’t been sealed is completely waterproof. In addition, the underside of the leather (inside the dopp) will absorb water quickly.

I like that all the stitching on the ends of the Travellr XL is turned inward. This means those stitches are protected from any snags. The YKK zipper is very sturdy and reasonably smooth. The carrying strap is secured with copper rivets.

Should there be any issues with the construction at any point, Range Leather Co. offers a lifetime warranty to back up their products.


Functionally, a dopp kit is ultimately a very simple product. As you might expect from the name, the new Travellr XL can hold a good amount of toiletries. I was able to fit an electric toothbrush, toothpaste, two deodorants, beard trimmer, retainer (wearing faithfully for 7 years now!), sore throat spray, glasses case, and contacts case. None of these products were travel size!

In addition to the spacious size, the Travellr XL features a carry strap on one side and a hanging ring on the other. One thing I wish was added is some form of organizational pocket, whether inside or outside of the bag.


No doubt about it: this is a stunning dopp kit. The single-piece construction is nicely streamlined, and the pull up leather is simultaneously rugged and gorgeous. To some, a dopp may not be high on their priority list for items that must look good. I personally value being able to regularly use something that is not only functional, but beautiful. Makes life just that little bit better!


I haven’t been able to spend too much time with the Range Leather Co. Travellr XL, but more than enough to know this is a great product that I’m happy to recommend. Construction is top notch, materials are sturdy, the look is gorgeous. In addition, Range Leather Co. backs it all up with a lifetime guarantee. Swing by their already fully-funded Kickstarter and check it out.

Brookes & Hyde Chocolate Porter Dopp Kit – $200

The dopp kit (sometimes known more simply as a toiletry bag) is a simple but crucial accessory for any traveler. The Brookes & Hyde Chocolate Porter Dopp Kitt maintains this simple functionality, but enhances use with high end materials and a refined look.

About Brookes & Hyde

While Brookes & Hyde has grown since we reviewed their sunglasses case, the company continues as a one man show out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Connor Sambrookes started Brookes & Hyde as a senior thesis project. Hoping to design shoes, he began work for a company designing products for some of the biggest names out there. It was at this job the opportunity to apprentice under a highly experienced leather craftsman came about, leading to creating his own products and founding the company.


This dopp kit is assembled very well. Leather is cut and stitched by machine for precision. Most seams are turned inward or double stitched, enhancing durability. You may not think a dopp kit would need to be especially sturdy, but it goes through quite a bit: tossed into and pulled out of bags often during travel, opened and closed frequently, and usually in danger of getting wet. Brookes & Hyde’s dopp is made to endure these abuses.

The leather selection for the dopp is spot on: Horween Plush. This is a chrome tanned leather (read: water resistance) that has been fully vegetable re-tanned. You’re getting the best of both worlds. The leather is milled with waxes, which makes it more water resistant and adds sheen and softness. The main compartment is lined with black canvas.

While it may not take the kind of abuse we need an EDC bag to endure, the kit is built well and suited to its use. Plush leather is great to feel, use, and look at, and has endured well so far.


As I mentioned, a dopp kit isn’t a complex product. This one features a large main compartment, a small external pocket (this might be used for letting your toothbrush air out while on the counter during a trip), and a handle on the end for carrying from bag to bathroom. The RiRi zipper is very smooth. There is a thin rigid material between the canvas and leather on the base, giving a bit of structure, but the kit is otherwise soft and easily flattened. Water initially rolls off the leather, though will absorb if left sitting.

The kit is large enough to hold all of my admittedly simple toiletries with plenty of room to spare. I do enjoy the external pocket, but do wish there was small internal pockets for organizing especially small toiletries.

This dopp kit will keep your items completely private, but this does mean some added effort at the TSA terminals.


This might be my favorite part of this product: it looks incredible sitting on your counter. As with many high end items, you’re buying both a product and an experience. I’m used to using a simple translucent plastic toiletry bag, so this was a huge upgrade. The Plush leather looks soft and begs you to handle it, but also has a nice shine. The grain is visible in a subtle way. The zipper is a solid contrasting silver. It’s the type of product that makes you smile when you know you get to use it.

My dopp kit here is the “Chocolate Porter” color, which typically looks a very true brown. However, as you can see in the photos, the lighting can change this a bit–you might say it ranges from milk to dark chocolate!


The Brookes & Hyde Chocolate Porter Dopp Kitt is an excellent, high end toiletry bag that is made well for its intended purpose. It’s a pleasure to use. The price point is on the high end, but both the leather and zipper are high end materials and construction leaves little to be desired. I recommend this product for those who want to enhance their travel experience with a dopp kitt that is both homey and luxurious.