Caring for Your Leather Designer Bags

Leather designer bags are expensive for a reason. As a rule, leather designer bags are extremely well made and masterfully handcrafted from first-rate materials. Think hand-cut, hand-sewn, exquisitely supple full-grain leather handbags that could easily last you decades.


But, of course, how long your leather designer bags will last depends on several things. The type of leather used, for instance, is a huge factor.


Full-grain leather is the best type of leather and the most durable. Top-grain leather is second-best when it comes to quality and durability. With varying quality and durability are genuine or corrected leather, split-grain leather, and bonded leather.


But there’s something you can do to ensure your designer leather bag will last for a long, long time. And that is by properly caring for it. 


Here’s what you need to know and do about taking proper care of your designer leather bags.

  1. Store Properly When Not in Use


But this is too much trouble! Even so, you have to do it if you want your bag to last as long as it can. 

Dust Bag It


The best way to store your designer leather bag is to keep it inside a dust bag.


Make sure the dust bag is non-abrasive, breathable, and colour-fast. In other words, the dust bag will not scratch your bag, will keep your bag ventilated, and will not transfer its colour onto your bag.


The dust bag should be big enough; you shouldn’t have to squeeze your handbag into it. A dust bag that is smaller than your bag could lead to warping. 

Clean and Dry It


Before storing your handbag inside its dust bag, make sure to remove all of your bag’s contents. Clean any stains from both the inside and the outside, and make sure the bag is fully dry before storing

Stuff It


You should also stuff the bag with bubble wrap or non-coloured acid-free tissue paper. Do not use old newspapers! Make sure to stuff the bag full (but not overfull) to help the bag keep its shape. Otherwise, your bag may develop undesirable creases in storage. 

Wrap It


If your bag has metal chains, zips, and buckles, detach them, wrap them in non-coloured acid-free tissue paper, then put them inside the bag. Do the same with detachable handles.


If there are metal or leather trimmings that may not be removed and are designed to lie on the bag’s sides, wrap them in a layer of the same acid-free tissue paper you’re using to stuff up your bag. 

Keep It Upright


Non-removable handles should be kept upright when storing your bag. They should not lie on the bag’s sides because, over time, they may leave an imprint on the surface. It would be best to wrap the handles in acid-free tissue paper, too

Box It Up


After putting your bag inside a dust bag, put the bag inside a box, preferably the same box it came with, so it will be easy to identify the box’s content. You can also use an adequately sized, acid-free box, but put a label on it to ensure you know what is inside.


For good measure, place one or two packets of desiccant (i.e., silica gel) inside the box to keep it dry. 

Store It


You can now store the box containing your precious bag inside your wardrobe or in your specially made handbag closet. As much as possible, do not stack the boxes. 

  1. Storing Your Everyday Leather Bags


Of course, you have favourite bags that you use almost every day or fairly frequently. It wouldn’t make sense to store these bags in dust bags and storage boxes.


Make sure to empty and clean these bags after every use. Detach removable handles and trimmings, wrap them, and store them inside the bag. It’s best to stuff each bag with bubble wrap so the bag won’t lose its shape while it’s not in use.


Store your everyday bags in your bags cabinet. The shelves must be tall and deep enough to accommodate your tall and oversized bags without having to scrunch them up to fit.


Store the bags with the handles upright instead of lying on the bag’s sides. Keep the bags from touching each other to prevent scratching and colour transfer. And do not hang your bags; that could cause warping and damage over time. 

  1. General Leather Bag Care


Clean your leather bags after every use and definitely before storage in dust bags or the bags cabinet. 

General Cleaning


To dust your leather bag, gently wipe it with a soft, non-abrasive, lint-free, and colour-fast cloth. Do not rub your bag. A simple wipe should suffice. Rubbing might cause dust particles trapped in your cleaning cloth to scratch the bag.


You should also wipe your bag’s hardware, straps, and handles. 

Protecting Your Leather Bag


Be careful where you put your leather bag and what you put in contact with it. Your keys, jewellery, pens, or all sorts of things can scratch it. Your makeup and even your favourite perfume can harm it.


To protect it from warping, do not let it get drenched. You should also not overfill your bag. Not only will that cause damage from the undue pressure on load-bearing parts, but that will also cause your bag to get out of shape. 

Natural Leather Bags


Bags made of natural vegetable-tanned leather will develop a patina that is uniquely its own over time.


Before a bag made of natural leather develops its patina, do not attempt to clean off stains. Just wait for the leather to darken naturally, and that will cover the stain and make it part of its unique character. Natural leather should also not be treated or darkened with oils, soaps, lotions, and creams. 

Water and Stain Care


If a leather bag becomes wet, blot the water out with a non-abrasive, lint-free, colour-fast cloth. Be careful not to rub the leather dry.


If the surface of the leather has been stained, clean it immediately with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use chemical stain removers. 

Keep Away From Hot Spots and Direct Sunlight


Some leather bags are less sensitive to light than others. It depends on the processing that the leather has gone through. As a general rule, though, it’s best to keep your leather bags away from direct sunlight.


Moreover, do not store your bags close to heat sources (e.g., the back of the refrigerator, beside the oven or stove). Just keep your bags as far away from the kitchen as possible. 

Care for Your Leather Bags, But…


Leather designer bags, much like made to measure dresses, are special. As such, they deserve all the care you can give them. You can follow the above guidelines to keep your leather bag looking spick and span and lasting you a long time.


However, do not forget that designer handbags are functional pieces of fashion. While you must try to protect them as much as possible, you should also accept that designer bags can and will get wet, dusty, and dirty. Don’t stress too much about it. Enjoy using your designer bags, and just clean them as you go.




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