Harber London Leather Bifold Wallet Review – $79

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to wallets. Retail shops have shelves stuffed with all sorts of carry options. From novelty comic book licensed affairs to bizarre metal clamshells. If you’re in the market for a classical, grown up wallet then these options might not appeal to you.  A high quality leather wallet is timeless, and a great candidate is  Harber London’s Leather Bifold Wallet.


This wallet is made from full grain leather. Not to be confused with typical “genuine leather” which is basically a leather veneer. Harber London’s signature full grain leather is supple and strong.

The stitching is clean and tight as well. There is a magnetic closure sewn in between the exterior flaps. The wallet measures 3.5 by 4” closed and about 7” opened. 


Wallet’s serve a pretty simple function, to store your cards and cash and provide quick access to said goods. The Harber London Leather Bifold is vertically oriented, and has nice deep pockets so your cash sits nice and snug.

I appreciate the little details like the pull tab for getting the harder to reach cards in the back. Now keep in mind this is a RFID blocking wallet which is great for securing your financial data against hi-tech thieves. This security measure comes at a cost though. My work for example employs keycard locks, and instead of tapping my wallet against the pad, I must remove the card – same applies for tap and go credit cards. 

I really like the streamlined design, this wallet is very thin and even when loaded provides a sleek contour that goes almost unnoticed in my pockets. The magnetic snap closure is a nice touch as well but slightly redundant. Cash retrieval is quick and painless. I found front pocket carry was very comfortable and back pocket carry was a breeze and I could barely notice it when sitting. The coin wallet insert was very handy too, I always keep a few pennies so I’m never stuck breaking dollars when I don’t need to. 



When it comes to wallet styling, less is more in my opinion. The simplistic, unobtrusive lines make this piece very easy on the eyes. Whenever I pull it out, it never feels like I’m just pulling out a run of the mill wallet. It feels more like pulling out a high quality tool you’ve had for years. Whenever I’m sitting, whether at my desk or at a restaurant I always lay it on the table and it just looks oh so good.


Harber London’s Leather Bifold Wallet is a beautifully executed piece. The subtle attention to detail and use of premium grade leathers really make it a joy to handle. The price point is about on par with wallets boasting similar craftsmanship. The slim profile and clever organization make this a great everyday wallet for back or front pocket carry. It has actually become my new daily carry, and given the amounts of wallets I’ve handled, says a lot.

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