Just American Jackets B3 Bomber Shearling Hooded Leather Jacket Review – $179.00

Just American Jackets B3 Bomber Shearling Hooded Leather Jacket Review – $179.00


I was in dire need of some cool and classy yet warm leather jackets for my winter vacation tour. This time my friends and I decided to go on a trekking tour all alone. That means without the assistance of any tour guide or agency. We plan such trips twice or thrice a year, so we do not need the guides and facilitators anymore. However, I sure needed some nice and comfy garments that I may wear in the mountains. 


For me, mountains have dozens of memories of chilled mornings and freezing yet beautifully hot sunsets. The bonfire beneath the starry nights and we lads are chanting the chants of life till the sunlight overcomes the scattered stars that seemed like blinking fireflies. For all these things to live and to relive, I wanted some comfortable and warm outfits so that the chilly winds on the mountains would not intervene in the aura of magic.


Upon a friend’s suggestion, I decided to look into the offerings of the store named Just American Jackets. Believe me, it was the right decision, and I landed in the right place, thankfully. I saw the B3 Bomber Faux Shearling Hooded Leather Jacket and eventually fell in love with this beauty. I had to have it with me. And upon returning from the most memorable and flawless tour, I couldn’t stop myself from writing this review for the latest love of my wardrobe.


Just American Jackets are online store operators that provide leather articles. The leather at the Just American Jackets is in the shape of some auspicious and magnificently designed jackets. By their services and the website outlook, it is obvious that they are perfectionists in E-commerce sales and marketing. 


The astonishing fact about this store is that they literally have a lot of designs and variety in leather jackets. No one could think of making varieties and creative designs out of the same leather, but they are doing it successfully. Apart from this, I found it unique that they deal with a great number of replicas that are the inspirations from the famous TV series fashion or the fashion of popular celebrities. I found this store a museum of fashion.



I found the B3 Bomber Faux Shearling Hooded Leather Jacket as an article with premium quality leather. It is the epitome of perfect stitching. It was speaking of the mastery of its craftsmen and stitchers. The jacket uses perfect, genuine and real leather outside of the jacket. It felt like they processed it with great care and with well-equipped tools. The inside material that was viscose was also not lesser in providing comfort and durability. The jacket made me feel dominant and supreme while wearing it.

This jacket has two slanting pockets at the front of it, and there were two hidden pockets too that were inside the jacket. The stitching of all the pockets was perfect, like a hard rock outer wall of a castle. All the pockets were easily accessible and provided great ease throughout the trek and the tour.



The function of something you buy is that it must fulfill its purpose of buying. It should be titled as the right choice for that specific function. I bought this jacket so that I will be at ease. I did not want to be cold and fall ill to spoil the trip for my friends and me. I wanted to enjoy the chilled breezes, not fall prey to those brutal cold breezes. Secondly, it was a trek, and I needed something that could assist me in holding my belongings safely, and I did not want to lose anything important on the trip. 

The  B3 Bomber Faux Shearling Hooded Leather Jacket fulfilled all these purposes. It was all charming and warming. It kept me all hot and warm throughout the tour, and I did not fall ill, thankfully. It protected me against those cruel winds at the highs of mountains. Moreover, it held my essentials safely into its safe heaven pockets. I was able to easily put in and take out my mobile phone from its pockets. And it made me look insanely good!



I am a person who loves the uniqueness of outfits. I gave my heart to this jacket after seeing its soft and smooth shearling collar and hood. It amazed me, and upon placing my hand onto the soft and silky shearling fur, I was left with just one expression, and it was a big WOW. It was so soft that I felt like having feathers and cotton around my neck and head. Apart from the beauty of the shearling collar and hood, the jet black color of this jacket was a win too. The jacket as a whole was looking like an epitome of perfection on the mountain under the shining sun.


To put it briefly, the B3 Bomber Faux Shearling Hooded Leather Jacket and that too from the Just American Jackets store could be your best decision ever. It could save and make your tour. Their jackets are so wholesome that you won’t feel shy about repeating them. And that is the reason that I have repeated this jacket on multiple occasions!


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