Wool & Oak Announce Duffle Suitcase Kickstarter

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Wool & Oak is a new brand specializing in leather functional goods. They recently announced a Kickstarter for their new travel duffle bag that features an organized packing system. The Duffle Suitcase is designed like a classic weekender bag on the outside and built like a compartmentalized suitcase in the inside.



“The brand’s design philosophy is about the marriage of classic design aesthetic with functionality needed in today’s modern world. With minimal branding, Wool & Oak aims to give the customer a sense of ownership of the brand,thus empowering them to mold each piece to their own personal style.”


The Duffel Suitcase measures 20″ x 10.5″ x 10″ and meets all of the TSA’s airline security requirements. It comes with. It consists of 3 compartments separated by 2 removable walls acting as partitions. The Duffle Suitcase has over 19 features including: 2 built in shoe bags, a tie pocket on the floorboard, dedicated pockets for a laptop, tablet, 2 books, a belt & 2 chargers.

The bag is made with full grain leather and comes in three colors – oak, navy, and black. There is also a canvas version offered. Wool & Oak offers a detachable leather toiletry bag that can snap on and off the side. The Duffel Suitcase is expected to retail for $550, but you if you get in early, you can get one for just $250. The Kickstarter is funded but there are still units left, so check it out if you’re looking for a good deal.

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John Ferchill

I have a duffle suitcase. I truly like it. I’m technically inept. Is there someplace to get a guide on how to use all the various pockets that can be printed.