OK, so you need a wallet. You’ve went on Amazon and saw a lot of space age, high tech, RFID blocking, butt massaging wallets. They caught the eye but seemed gimmicky. Next, you went on Pinterest and found no less than 57 lovely candidates for back pocket carry, but that became wearisome really quickly. Finally you hit up BestLeather and are so burnt out you just want something that’s simple, looks good and performs.  Enter Craft & Lore’s Enfold Wallet.



The Enfold is born in Northern Idaho from 3 pieces of  Horween Dublin leather. Everything is held together using the highly effective hand saddle stitch. The stitching is very tight and shows zero looseness. The diagram below, taken from the Craft & Lore website, illustrates this nicely.



The leather is a 4 oz so the thickness is about 1/16th of an inch. The dimensions are 4.25″ x 3″ x .75 when reasonably stocked with your cards, cash and obsolete Blockbuster Video rental card. On my scale the weight is 50 grams when empty.

Enfold (8)


The name of the game here is simplicity. With three compartments the Enfold makes organizing pretty straightforward. The open slot on the back is best for the cards you use most. I reserve it for my Driver’s License and credit card. The inner front pocket is my overflow parking for loyalty cards and pictures of my calico kitten, Muzzles. The cash pocket can accommodate a fair number of bills but, albeit folded. I’m not really a fan of folding cash as it is harder to sort and slower to retrieve as compared to a billfold. But it’s also a lot slimmer and more compact than a billfold so you have to decide which is more important to you. Thanks to the slim profile, I can front pocket carry the Enfold and even fit it in the chest pocket of my flannels.

Enfold (1)


The Enfold is a simple, good looking wallet. It’s not over the top and it’s not sloppy. The clean, uncluttered design  under promises and over delivers.  As with any quality leather piece, your days of hard use will pay off with a gracefully aging accessory.

Enfold-4Enfold (5)


The Enfold is a solid, no frills wallet. While it doesn’t really stand out from the pack of high quality hand made wallets we usually review, it does maintain the standard we’ve come to appreciate. If you’re looking for the latest, trendiest designer wallet then looks elsewhere. If you just need a faithful companion to hold your cash and cards, the Craft & Lore Enfold is a viable option.


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