Why a Shearling Jacket is a must-have in Every Man’s Wardrobe


                  Why a Shearling Jacket is a must-have in Every Man’s Wardrobe

A shearling jacket is undoubtedly one of the warmest and coziest outerwear. It gives you the perfectly badass look like a goatskin leather jacket if you wear it right, but you need to be careful enough. Make sure that you follow some steps to get the right look while sporting your favorite men’s sheepskin jacket.

First things first

Go for genuine shearling, which may be lambskin or sheepskin having a small layer of wool attached to it. While genuine shearling feels natural and is quite breathable but fake shearling is not breathable. It feels and looks cheap.

You can purchase a good quality shearling jacket at $500. This kind of investment will go with you for a long time to come. No wonder, it is a high amount of investment, but this is what you would do once in your lifetime and is worth the while. 

With the right colors in your jacket,  your classic men’s sheepskin jacket will never go out of style. You can also for shearling coats dyed in various colors like darker tones like navy, dark charcoal, and black.  They give you 100 % protection from the elements. Turning your collar up, you can block the wind better.  

Some of the best shearling jackets are a dressier alternative to the classic-styled genuine goatskin leather jackets, especially in smaller settings. A shearling jacket helps you to stay warmer and drier. 

Styling your shearling jacket

A shearling jacket will elevate your looks spontaneously. Make sure that you pair it in a proper manner to get the best look. It can be a bit more casual when you wear a thin turtleneck underneath. Choosing jewel tones like burgundy is a fail-proof option that gives you a vibrant look against the shearling.

Do not pair your brown shearling with brown boots or a brown hat (it’s a fashion blunder according to experts). The black monk straps give you a striking look with a shearling jacket.

The best way to wear a shearling is to wear it with a pair of black or indigo jeans or light-colored chinos and a rugged set of boots.  Wear a shirt or a lightweight knit underneath.

Taking care of your shearling jacket

A shearling coat can stay with you for decades to come. And it looks better every time you wear it. Before you step out, treat your shearling jacket with a water repellant spray.

When your shearling jacket gets wet, allow it to air dry. Always brush out water spots using a soft bristle brush. Keep in mind that high heat will destroy the jacket’s fur.

The timeless appeal

Due to its air force origins, a shearling jacket will always have an air of a ‘flyboy cool’. A shearling jacket is made from the actual skin of a lamb or sheep. They have tanned suede with some wool on one side, and on the other, they have an animal hide coat.

Your shearling should always be taken care of well and maintained hygienically. Use it to get the perfect monochrome look with an all-black attire, or use it to give a symphony to the neutrals. The shearling coats are equivalent to the best leather jackets for men that you will love to wear in the holiday season.

You can find the magnificent versions of shearling coats at the most reasonable rates from reputable online jacket sellers. Pala Leather is a place to buy wholesale leather jackets at the best price.


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Shearling jackets are great investments. They keep us warm, but allow us to do it in style. This is why they also come with a hefty price tag. If you give your jacket the proper care, however, your investment will stay with you for the rest of your life.