How To Choose A Trendy Leather Bag For A New Academic Year

How to choose a trendy leather bag for a new academic year?

Start of a semester brings you a new feeling. New books, new uniform, and new everything. You must have prepared a study plan for yourself for this new semester. But without having good writing skills, one cannot be considered as a good student.

 If you think that your essay writing skills are not up to the mark, you can avail WritingCheap services that will write you top quality content.  Such platforms will make your work 100% unique. Since you have prepared everything unique for yourself, then why not have a different leather bag?

So, if you have finally made your mind for a new leather bag, then shopping for the right leather bag might be confusing. The market is loaded with low-quality craftsmanship, cheap fake leathers, and hardware which is broken. You can speak to the expert leather craftsman to have some insight to know what is happening under the hood. 

Buying guide of a new leather bag

Therefore, proper tips are worth considering for buying a good leather bag. 

  • Durability 

One thing must be remembered here: good quality leather is durable naturally. It does not matter whether it must be treated or not. It must perfectly withstand the strong climate with wear and tear. However, with time, pseudo leathers have also made their way into the market. But they are not always as good as the leather ones. 

  • Type of leather 

Different sorts of leathers are available in the market and differ according to the quality factor. However, good quality leather bags can remain completely good even after a year of usage. But avoid using the one which is made up of bond leather. The reason behind choosing the one is made up of scrap material of leather treated with chemicals and plastics to give you proper shine. 

  • Colour factor

Leather bags mostly come in four colours that can be worked in different environments. For instance, dark brown and black leather bags suit the professional choice and make a sense of authority. On the other hand, a more relaxed or casual tone, light brown, and tan, would be preferred. One must particularly avoid using double-toned colours or bags that are stitched with different threads of colours. 

  • Elegant and unique 

Leather is not the textile material. Rather it is the desire and choice of the owner. Bags made from other materials cannot retain their characteristics with the passage of time. On the other hand, good quality leather must always retain all characters even after several years of use. Such bags will not only compliment your style only, but you will also feel pride in using it.

  • Tanning process 

Tanning on leather can make a huge difference. For example, chrome-tanned leather must use chromium which can be done in only a couple of days, and they are also cheap enough. On the other hand, tanned vegetable leather can then employ eco-friendly techniques and are also high in price comparatively. 

  • Country of making and origin. 

The origin of the leather can also determine the quality. Some countries can produce the quality leathers like England, Italy, and the US. History also shows that such countries can have a good track record in tanning leather. Especially in matters of labels, there can be little more discretion. Some countries might capitalize on Italy’s reputation while doing all such work in another country while simply finishing it in Italy. 

Also, beware of the premium leather, where the hide tanning and selection are performed in different countries. You can trust people to have such attention and skill to detail through the bag-making process. 

  • Hardware 

Before you are getting a leather bag, always inspect the quality of all little parts. It helps to get you the detail from every side of the bag. Be attentive regarding:

  • Handles
  • Buckles
  • Locks 
  • Metallic rings
  • Strap shoulder fittings 
  • Zippers- consider that the metal zipper is of better quality than the plastic zipper. Some bags are there which are open or closed. 
  • About the price 

Remember that the price is not always the accurate indicator of quality. Some companies can charge you more for less quality, and it might be simply because of the name. At the same time, you need to spend a little more on good quality. Always prefers to not pay for the only brand name instead of buying the premium product. You must go for the competitively priced leather bags, and you must keep the above things in consideration while spending that much. 

  • Comfort 

Comfort is the most important thing while choosing a backpack. It can hurt your back, and it is not good to use it often. You could also injure yourself. Build of the backpack can contribute a lot in shaping your shoulder straps, backside, and padding. A backpack with a comfortable back panel, padded shoulder straps, and the optional hip belt may then distribute a lot of weight of the pack across the body. 

  • Content protection 

Your backpack must be waterproof and must provide you protection on your delicate or electronic equipment. 

  • Organization 

Some backpacks are bare on the inside. Always choose the one which is highly organized with different compartments and multiple pockets. You must prefer some approach for the lighter load backpack and the one with several compartments for storing things in it easily while accessing your utilities. For getting more accessibility and distribution of your items. 


Leather is mostly famous for its durability and quality with its timeless style. A durable and strong material will provide you with better protection for your college and school essentials. 




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