What Things Are Essential for Top Writers 

What Things Are Essential for Top Writers

Writing intriguing content takes a combination of several things. The writer thinks of
ideas, searches out information, and pieces it together to create a complete,
informative piece of information. To help the writer achieve this, he needs to write
down the ideas on paper, which he needs to have everywhere he goes. But sometimes any writer may have difficulty in finding the right thoughts for content.

He needs important items like a laptop, a phone, and the internet. Another level of
writers requires headphones, a dictionary, and citing manuals. All in all, every top
writer should have with them a list of top items.

A leather handbook

As a great writer, you can never tell the time when great ideas will begin to flow in
your mind. Ideas might begin to flow when you are on a commuter train, while hiking,
when asleep, when writing, walking, and so on.

The important thing is for you to get ready with a notebook and a pen so that the
moment you begin to get ideas, you can pull out your leather notebook and
begin writing each idea or inspiration as it comes.

A leather notebook will serve you better because sometimes you might be in an
open place and it begins to rain. With a leather notebook, you will not worry about
your notebook soaking in the rain and you lose all your important ideas.

Leather notebooks can be particularly useful to writers who travel a lot or those who
like working form outdoors. The notebook looks neat and expensive.

A leather notebook bag

A notebook is useful whenever you need to quickly write down some inspiring ideas,
but you cannot carry them around in your hands. A notebook bag will help you
accomplish this purpose and you will feel more comfortable carrying it around.

There are many notebook bags available in the market, but before you buy, shop for
one that best suits you. You might want to carry other portable essentials with you
like a laptop, a voice recorder, headphones, and so on. You don’t need to buy a bag
for each item because one beautiful, luxurious bag will do the work.

If you work from an office in the city or your local town, you might want to buy a
bigger bag. Some writers, like travel writers, take a lot of photos and videos, then
develop a story. They require a bigger bag. Writers who don’t need to move a lot
might be comfortable with a smaller bag. It should be rain resistant and the material
should be long-lasting.

Essay writers need a notebook bag

Essay writers must be keen on providing quality essays to students and help them
submit their assignments on time. This calls for the writers to work overtime on some
occasions or carry their work to go and complete it from another place.

A good example is the experienced essay writers from EduBirdie who avail
themselves 24/7 to provide quality essays to students. Writers need quality leather
notebook bags because of their durability. The bags look smart, they are breathable
and can carry several items.

A wallet

The idea of carrying a wallet might seem obvious or unnecessary for a writer.
Wallets have evolved and today, there are hundreds of different wallet designs,
sizes, and uses. For a writer, the wallet is important because you slip in your papers
containing important ideas and carry them for many days until your project is

Some wallets are bigger and can be tied on the belt so that you slip in your phone, a
pen, a tiny leather notebook, and earphones. When it is fixed on your belt, you just
need to unzip and remove your essential notebook, pen, or phone. You might also
hide a few notes and coins in the wallet to use at the hour of need.

A daily planner

A daily planner will help you stick to your writing schedules and give priority to those
assignments with closer deadlines. With a daily planner, you can group your writing
according to categories, word count, priority, client, and so on.


It may not be necessary for a writer to buy everything there is in the market, but each
one needs to make a list of their essential items and shop for the best. Writers are
different and form different categories like academic writers, bloggers, marketers,

health, travel, and so on. The list of essentials can be general, but the writer can
create their specific list. What’s important is for the items to serve the intended

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