List of Top 5 Best Leather Kilts

Leather is such an amazing material that can transform any piece of clothing or garments to a very cool and premium version. The same thing goes for kilts as well. Kilt is a traditional piece of clothing that was once only worn in Scotland and Ireland. Now, many people around the world wear kilts for fashion. 

Due to the huge rise in demands, people started experimenting with kilts and they created various versions of it and leather kilts are one of them. Many people love leather kilts because its got that premium look and feel to it, which you simply cannot find in a traditional kilt. 

Usually, when you hear the word leather, your mind instantly thinks of it as an uncomfortable and rubber like material. Well, that’s true most of the time but not if you purchase it from KiltZone. Their leather kilts features a really great and high quality leather material.

So, below you will see what we think are the top 5 best leather kilts for men. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our list:

Gothic Black Leather Kilt

This kilt features a really dark and scary look that is perfect for someone who is into Goths and steampunk. This kilt isn’t made completely using the leather material but there’s also the usage of cotton on the sides and backs of the kilt. 

The leather kilt also comes with zipper pockets on both sides and one back pocket. It is a really amazing kilt that isn’t just made for Goths but one can also wear it to events like burning man, mad max, rock concert, and many others.

Cargo Style Black Leather Kilt

The Cargo Style Black Leather Kilt features a very bulky and muscular design like cargo pants. It is a stylish kilt with very big cargo pockets on the sides. Even though it is made from leather yet the kilt is very comfortable to wear. This is the type of kilt that will look perfect on someone who has a muscular body. The embossed detailing on this kilt is really great and gives it a nice overall look. 

Brown Leather Kilt With Detachable Sporran

This brown leather kilt features a very unique and stylish design. It comes with a detachable leather sporran which adds up to the overall beauty of this kilt. Even though it comes with a sporran, there are still two flap pockets on either side. Additionally, this kilt features golden-colored metal decorations that goes really well with the brown leather color of the kilt. 

Battle Leather Kilt

The battle leather kilt is another great for someone who likes Gothic clothing. This kilt is available in black and dark red color, which gives it a very fierce look. This kilt contains a lot of decorative chrome buttons which adds up to this great-looking leather kilt. Like all the previous kilts, this one also features two bulky cargo pockets on both sides, making it ideal for everyday use. 

Brown Leather Kilt

The brown leather kilt is perfect for someone who is looking for a kilt that they can wear everyday. It is a type of kilt that you can wear to work (if your workplace permits). It is an elegant leather kilt that doesn’t feature much decoration. It has two cargo pockets on both sides, which makes it easier for you to store things. 

So, these were the top 5 best leather kilts for men. There are many stores that sell leather kilts but the quality differs from retailer to retailer. If you have any questions then please don’t forget to post them in the comments section.

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