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To quote Ezra Koenig of indie rock band Vampire Weekend, “I find it hard to choose which tote to take out into the world. All those hours spent staring into my tote nook – I can’t get them back.”

I feel you, Ezra. There’s so many great totes out there, it’s tough to decide sometimes. Let’s take a look at the WaterField Designs Field Tote, made of waxed canvas and full grain leather.

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WaterField Designs was founded in 1998 by Gary Waterfield, who now leads the design process at his San Francisco workshop. Each product is designed and manufactured in small batches by artisans at the WaterField production center in San Francisco, CA.They make everything from gadget sleeves to handsome tote bags to Surface Pro covers, and their small, local operation allows them to quickly get multiple styles and sizes up and running (like sleeves for both Apple and Android devices), and they also crank out covers for random electronics like the Apple Superdrive, Apple TV, or even your wireless keyboard.Waterfield Designs Field Tote 1 From their website:

“We cut out the clutter with simple and focused design. We are mindful of how bags hang on your body, how cases protect your devices, and making them lightweight and easily accessible. Customers also influence what we make. Our most popular products came from customers requesting a certain feature, bag, or case.”

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The Field Tote is made of beautiful waxed canvas with full-grain veg-tanned leather as trim. The body of the tote is 14″ by 8″ by 4″ wide. The front pocket has a leather and metal closure that stays nice and snug. There is also a metal key ring on the outside for clipping on your keys with ease. A small zippered pocket hangs in the interior of the bag.

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The waxed canvas is beautiful and textured, and its distressed look adds a unique element to the bag’s aesthetic. The waxy brown pullup leather is stitched with sturdy nylon. The leather is simple, attractive, and compliments it well. The Field Tote comes in brown, burgundy, and navy, which is mine. A word of warning to dog and cat owners: The waxy canvas on this tote picks up and retains fur like no other, so consider purchasing this bag in the lighter brown color if your furry friends like to shed.

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The design of the Field Tote was thought through very thoroughly. It is made to be entirely collapsible, so you can put your bag in a bag for extra carry space while traveling. The sides of the bag also have a subtle gusset effect so the bag lays flat when it’s empty or doesn’t have much in it. This means that it can expand to hold quite a bit when necessary – it’s easy to pack a couple sweaters in there without them spilling out. This makes the Field Tote quite versatile and a great bag to use (or pack) for a trip.

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The straps are long and comfortable, and the bag is a perfect size and light weight for carrying anywhere. With a strap drop of approximately 9.75″, it’s easy to set this up on your shoulder and carry it. There is a nice amount of pockets to hold smaller items. The outside pocket is perfect for storing your phone so you don’t have to dig around for it in the bag.



The Waterfield Designs Field Tote is a great tote. At $119, it’s also pretty affordable for a full-grain waxed canvas tote made in the United States. This is a great choice if you are looking for something compact and versatile. It looks and feels like a high-end bag, but with a reasonable price point. Its modern and stylish, but won’t go out of style any time soon.

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