Buffalo Jackson Everett Leather Camera Bag Review – $149.95

Buffalo Jackson sells a multitude of your classic leather goods – wallets, belts, and briefcases. Today we will take a look at a more unique leather item – the Everett Leather Camera Bag specifically designed to carefully hold your camera and accessories.



The Everett series of bags including this camera bag are made in India using goat leather tanned through their local traditional tanning and processing techniques. Goat leather is significantly thinner than traditional cow leather making it more pliable and lighter which is good for the back. The downsides to using thinner, softer leather means the leather is more prone to damage and tears particularly if not regularly conditioned or maintained (I have personally experienced this multiple times). This particular bag appears relatively well made for an Indian goat leather bag. All edges are double stitched and the strap hardware seems to be a bit larger gauge and sturdier than what I traditionally see in these imported goat bags from India or Pakistan. The hardware is made of brass and zinc. Potential areas of weakness and breakdown are the single-layered leather loops to which the strap clips and the fact that the straps are made from multiple pieces of leather sewn together end-to-end. The bag measures approximately 12 x 9 x 5 ½ inches.

BuffaloJacksonCameraBag1 BuffaloJacksonCameraBag2 BuffaloJacksonCameraBag6


The Everett Leather Camera Bag has a full cushion padded interior that can be removed. There are extra built-in overlying Velcro padded flaps to help hold everything in place even if the bag is turned upside down. The removable padded interior appears to be made of a velour-like fabric to help cuddle your valuables.  There are also a surprising number of additional compartments including an external open compartment and an external zippered pocket. Internally there is an additional open pocket and a zippered pocket. I was able to easily fit my camera, light diffuser, and flash into the padded cushions with additional space for cables, accessories, and a lens. The padded compartment can also be removed for extra space and to transform the bag into a more versatile carry-all style.




The Everett Leather Bag comes in the standard natural goat leather color which is described by Buffalo Jackson as “Camel.” The leather and hardware already have that distressed look with variable patina which helps bring that “vintage” look to the bag. The green canvas interior is a nice natural color contrast with the leather. Although the color and look of goat leather is great, one of the downsides to anyone who has experienced these types of bags is the smell associated with the local tanning techniques. Though visually appealing, these bags have a sharp pungent smell that I can best describe as a blend of vinegar with a hint of cat urine that is more noticeable in closed spaces like a car or closet. Wash your hands after heavy use and don’t expect to be using this bag as a makeshift pillow during a camping expedition.



The Buffalo Jackson Everett Camera Bag is a fair purchase at $149.95. It is surprisingly detailed in design with excellent cushioning for a goat leather-style bag. Your back will thank you for not having to lug around unnecessary poundage in addition to your camera equipment. Like most imported goat bags, be prepared that the “leather smell” is not going to be the same as an American cowhide bag. The thinner leather is also more prone to failing at stress points, particularly with the rotational stresses placed at the flat strap loops, but these Buffalo Jackson bags come with a 3 year manufacturing warranty so don’t be afraid to enjoy your bag on your expeditions – just don’t go crazy.

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