Uhl House Leather Latigo Standard Belt Review – $57

Belts are needed by everyone – young, old, short, tall, fat, or thin…we all benefit from them by making our own appearances much more pleasing to all of those around us. You know that feeling when you encounter that belt-less person…it’s just awkward. Belts are made and manufactured from just about every possible substance you can think of and come in a dizzying array of designs and styles. But, of course, we think there’s one superior type of belt around here and it’s belts made from 100% leather.


About Uhl House Leather

Uhl Leather is the progeny of Ross Uhl, an entrepreneurial gentleman who is currently based in Texas, but looking to migrate to Charleston, SC soon. Ross is dedicated to creating heirloom quality products and from what we can gather, is doing a darn good job at it.

Ross’ grandfather always said, “Invest in a fantastic belt, a good bed, and a damn nice car. Most of the time, you’ll be in one of them.” With that in mind, we delve into a review of Uhl House Leather’s Latigo Standard Belt.



Thick, heavy leather – this is what comprises the bulk of the Latigo Standard Belt from Uhl House Leather. Latigo leather is tanned with a hybrid of the mineral alum and plant-based tannins, with a very rugged yet flexible result that is often used in the manufacturing of equestrian equipment. It is also infused with waxes, creating a smooth feel and making it resistant to water and able to wear well in harsh conditions. In the case of creating belts for us humans, it’s an ideal choice.


The belt I received from Ross is a deep, dark, blood red color (Oxblood is a common reference for this color). The leather is sourced from Hermann Oak Leather Company in St. Louis, MO. The hardware (buckle and Chicago screws) are solid brass. And that comprises all of the materials used in the construction of this belt.



It’s a belt…and, it has performed admirably to date. Whether you’re sporting a pair of raw denim jeans or your favorite khakis, this is the belt for the job. It’s a little thinner than most standard leather belts coming in at 1.25 inches, which is great and allows it to be used on a variety of lower body clothing items.


The color is outstanding. And when you grab this belt, it feels like it’s been around for decades. It’s soft, supple, and flexible. This is not a stiff belt and requires zero break in to soften it up. Right out of the packaging you’ll be treated to a belt that looks and feels fantastic.


The brass hardware is sturdy and will age well with the belt. The Chicago screws give you the option to use the buckle of your choice. For those of you who have multiple buckles available for those fashion sensitive occasions, this will be very helpful and appreciated, I’m sure.



Here’s a little quote from Uhl House Leather’s website that I think sums up things very well: “Be proud of the few things you’ll use every day. Instead of buying a belt that will need to be replaced in six months, give quality a chance. In six months your belt will look six months better than the day you bought it.” This is exactly how I feel about the Uhl House Leather Latigo Standard Belt. It’s going to just keep getting better with age. $57 is an excellent price for the workmanship, quality of leather, and the longevity that you’ll experience with this belt.

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Nice belt but judging from the pics, I’d have to disagree with your description of it being ‘burnished to perfection’.
The photos tell a very different tale – those fuzzy edges!
Still…for the price it’s good value.


Duly noted. Thanks for the comment. I’ve updated the article. You’re 100% correct – those are “perfectly burnished” edges! And, you’re correct in that it is a good value for the belt. In spite of those fuzzy edges, it’s a good belt that’s made from excellent leather.