Tiki BiteFighter Mosquito Repellant LED String Light Review

Finally spring is in the air…birds are signing, kids are running amok down the street and warm nights by the fire help ease away the tensi- *SLAP* …Nothing kills the mood of enjoying your yard like mosquitoes pestering you without mercy. They come in droves and can really hamper outdoor recreation. So unless you cultivate and tame a bat colony to combat the winged terrors you’re left with a much more efficient option, Tiki has introduced a dual purpose product to add ambiance to your yard while also providing an effective deterrent. In today’s review we take a look at the award winning Tiki BiteFighter LED String Lights.


The string lights have a robust, heavy feel to them. I’ve ordered cheap string lights off Amazon and they last maybe a season then kaput. The Tiki Bitefighter LED String Lights have thick gauge bodies and the bulbs are LED which means they’ll provide reliable lights for quite a while.

They feature hook points along the length so you can hang them as well as an outlet end if you want to add more lengths. Total length is 36ft which is good for a medium to small size space. I used a steel cable guide line and hung the lights from that for greater stability but its not required.



These really do repel mosquitoes! My favorite aspect is the absence of detectable odors. Not everyone is a fan of citronella, and I was pleasantly surprised to not notice any odors while they were operating.

Operation is simply plugging them in, there is a toggle switch to turn the mosquito repeller on or off but oddly enough no switch to turn the lights off which must be done by unplugging. Tiki recommends not hanging them more than 10ft off the ground and when strung correctly can provide protection up to 330 sq ft

If you don’t have a outside outlet, don’t fret. I used a portable battery station that was compatible power wise with t and they worked fine for hours.



String lights have the magic ability to add warmth and coziness to just about any setting. I draped them over our firepit area and it really brought the small space to life. The edison style light emits a warm glow that brightens the area without drowning it out in light, just enough to be aware of your surroundings. The pods are also unobtrusive and blend right in – we think they look fantastic.


Tiki has a home run with the BiteFighter LED String Lights – Theymanaged to create a dual purpose product that helps recapture the magic of backyard gatherings. The price is definitely a consideration for many, but the absence of mosquitoes is too compelling a reason to splurge. 

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