Tiki Reunion Fire Pit Review

Along with activities like getting up to change the channel or finding a VCR technician in the phonebook, a warm crackling fire offers a primal connection often lost in today’s modern world. Starting, maintaining and extinguishing a fire however is serious business. Fire Pits have come a long way, now more than just an open dome, today’s models are virtually smoke free and contain the flames while still providing warmth and ambiance. In today’s review, we check out one of the premier pits on the market – The Tiki Reunion Fire Pit.


The Reunion is Tiki’s largest offering in their firepit line up. It weighs 60 lbs and measures about 20 inches high and 27 inches around. It’s crafted from solid steel with a black powder coated heat resistant finish. It consists of a main body, slide out ash pan for clean up and an interior plate, a cover is also included.

I also (Sold separately) highly recommend the Tabletop Cover which can convert the Reunion into a table when not in use as well as the screen and poker for a safer fire experience. The Grill can nest into the Reunion when not in use which is a huge plus!



 As we mentioned earlier, the Tiki Reunion Fire Pit is their largest offering. This size is best suited for large, open areas. When adequately stocked the flames can reach about 5 ft high and believe you me, this puppy puts out serious heat…like scoot back in your adirondack and watch out for your copy of Bowler’s Digest hot.

The accessory screen does a fantastic job of keeping rogue embers at bay while stoking  with the poker. Tiki included one of their proprietary fire packs and it’s really easy to get a good fire going, I supplemented it with some wood to really get a good flame going.

The Tabletop Cover while sold separately is almost a must – It easily converts the firepit into a tabletop (Be sure to let the fire cool completely before setting items on top or covering with cover. I also like it to keep dying embers contained if I can’t be around the fire until it dies completely. You can sit 6 plus people around the Reunion and not feel crowded.  



The Tiki Reunion really stands out among the crowd. Most contemporary smokeless fire pits have a somewhat plain stainless steel drum type design. Tiki really captures the tropical vibe and the ringed slats help protect from the obviously hot interior. The wood accent handle on the ashtray is tasteful and the interior develops a great patina with each new burn!


 The Tiki Reunion Fire Pit is a great alternative to building a fixed, stone fire ring – The utility of the tabletop cover can’t be missed along with the Screen and Poker. We absolutely love it for larger gatherings and like the idea we can pack it away when not in use for extended periods. The price is a little high, but given the materials and workmanship we think this is a backyard delight that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

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