Thrux Lawrence Launches KeyPost Kickstarter

The keychain is a simple device. Its sole purpose in life is to hold your keys together. While each of us use some variance of a ring or clasp, they generally all have the same thing in common: they make a racket. Not this one.

That is the mindset behind Thrux Lawrence’s Keypost: how to eliminate this problem.

As Tanden would say, “The KeyPost is a simple way to organize a silence keys, using hand-tooled leather to combine style with function.”

Thrux Lawrence Key Post1

Thrux Lawrence makes their Keypost from 5/8 wide 8-9 oz Horween leather strips, hand punched, with the Thrux Lawrence emblem stamped on. Most standard sized keys will fit through the 3/16 inch post. More on this later in the post.


There are four styles to choose from. The fold over fob,mini binding fob, the belt fob, and the claw fob.

Thrux Lawrence Key Post5

The fold over fob (as pictured above), is the cleverest design of the four. It allows you to fold your keys up for compact storage and ready to be easily slipped into your pocket (or purse). The mini binding fob is similar, just with a smaller fob more suited to wrapping around your finger than tucking your keys into. The belt fob has a fob similar in length to the fold over fob, but with a snap to loop onto your belt.


Thrux Lawrence’s Kickstarter page defines the ‘claw’ on the claw fob as, ‘stout solid brass or stainless steel scissor snap.’ Having had a chance to play with this one for a bit, I can say this is the sturdiest clasp I’ve come across. I’d feel confident to attach the claw fob to the outside of a bag and know it would still be affixed when I arrived at my destination.

The one drawback to all four styles is the post is thick and you would need to use a round file to expand the hole of smaller keys. Another observation, is in being very sturdy the claw for the claw fob is heavy and for those looking to cut down on the weight they are carrying around this isn’t the keychain solution for you.

Thrux Lawrence Key Post4

The KeyPost is a classy solution to a daily nuisance, and an opportunity to support small and growing company. This is a product I’d give to friends for Christmas gifts. Take the time to visit their Kickstarter page and help support KeyPosts being available in time for the holidays.


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