E3 Supply Co Camera Wrist Strap Review – $35

Wrist straps for cameras are a great way to keep your kit minimal for a stroll around the city, and this one is quite an impressive option.

E3 Supply Co1You have many options from E3 Supply Co but they sent me both the Simple Wrist Strap and the quick disconnect version. I switch between a full neck strap and the wrist strap often so the quick disconnect is extremely useful.

E3 Supply Co quick disconnect camera wristband

My first impression of this strap was that it is built quite well with the thick leather, dark maple stain, and it seems to be very durable. The connector seems solid, and the strap has a nice smell, like fresh leather.

E3 Supply Co2

The adjustability of the strap with the large rubber o-ring is quite nice because there is not enough tension on it when shooting the camera without tightening the strap. On the other hand (no pun intended) it is nice to have a bit of strap to hang the camera from if you need your hand free suddenly. The strap is large enough and adjustable to fit large and small hands alike.

Where I think this strap would really shine is with a point and shoot camera. It would especially work well with older looking point and shoots such as the Fuji X-100 series. It may be a bit cumbersome for larger DSLRs.

Overall, this is trustworthy gear. It is plenty strong and quite handy for a day of walk shooting.

Check out E3 Supply Co.

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