Thrux Lawrence Brown Leather Coasters (Round – Set of 4) Review – $25

I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t thought much about coffee coasters in quite some time before I got my hands on the Thrux Lawrence Brown Leather Coasters. In this case, what you see is what you get: a set of four dark brown leather coasters with the Thrux Lawrence logo embossed on the edge. No frills – just quality, attractive leather to protect your furniture from the unwanted ablutions of a mint julep in the summertime. As is always the case with Thrux Lawrence products, the leather is well-made and beautifully grained.


About Thrux Lawrence

Tanden Launder founded Thrux Lawrence in 2012 with the idea of crafting high-quality, limited release clothing and accessory lines that are made in America. As a collector of vintage goods, Tanden has integrated his love of these items into how he creates the products they put out. By examining the qualities responsible for giving these products their beauty and longevity, he has been able to integrate these qualities into the lines of products he is offering today.



Construction is fairly simple with these coasters. The four pieces are made of a single piece of leather that averaged about 3.5 millimeters in thickness. The leather is thick, tough, and nicely grained. You’ll find the Thrux Lawrence logo embossed on one edge of each coaster.



The Thrux Lawrence Brown Coasters measure 4 inches across and are large enough to hold all but the biggest super-size drinks. The thickness of the leather ensures no condensation is going to form underneath the coaster and ruin that solid oak coffee table your grandfather hand-carved with a pocket knife. Any liquid spilled on the coaster cleans up easily with a paper towel due to the lacquer on the coaster surface. As with any leather product, avoid getting them completely soaked. A damp cloth is the most these coasters should see to wipe up any spills or clean them off.




The dark brown leather of the coasters is attractive, if simple. There are a few additions I thought would enhance the beauty of these coasters: the option to have the coasters embossed with custom lettering; and a stitching or embossing inset from the edge of the coaster. Embossing would look good as well as serve a purpose: it could trap any liquid running off a cup before it spills over the edge of the coaster. Stitching, while purely aesthetic, would set off the embossed lettering. The last addition that I’d enjoy for the coasters is a customized holder, leather or wood being my first two choices. They are currently packaged with a single rawhide lace that looks great, but could be misplaced. On a final note, because of the simplicity in the design and the dark color of the leather, these coasters would look at home out on the trail as much as they would on your dining table.



At the current price point of $25.00 for a set of four coasters, the Thrux Lawrence Brown Leather Coasters represent a good value based on what I’ve seen of other leather coaster sets on the market. They would also make a great addition as part of a larger gift set. Based on the product lines Thrux Lawrence already has out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them offering additional options for this product in the future.


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